Saturday, May 30, 2009

Tim Trow must go

Tim Trow, el presidente of the Toronto Humane Society is expired way past his Use by date. Some people say he's become like an animal hoarder with a multi-million dollar budget. Some say he's a micromanaging bean counter more worried about donations than doing the right thing. Whatever he is, it's time for him to pack his questionable ethics and practices and head out the door.

Let's help him do that.

Public pressure - that's what it's going to take and it starts right now with hitting a few keys on your keyboard.

Please sign the petition and pass along the link.

I know, I know. You're thinking jeez another on-line petition. Well your added name may just be a snowflake in an avalanche but you can't have an avalanche without snowflakes (holy shit, I just made that up on the spot - or maybe I stole it but if I stole it, I don't remember from where and in my book that's pretty much the same thing as making it up yerself).

Yeah, and once you've filled in your name and hit the "Sign petition >>" button at the bottom of the page, a Surprise! donations page will pop up but you can just ignore that. No payment necessary - it's some donation request for the site, not for the cause - unless you feel like you've really got to get rid of some money fast in which case I know someone with some GM stocks he's trying to off load.

Update: Protest outside Toronto Humane Society
June 20th 2009 right in front of the THS at 2pm.
Please help us by showing your support.
Tim Trow Must Go!
The THS is located at the corner of Queen St E and River @ 11 River St.
Facebook group:


THS Protest said...

There is going to be a protest against the unethical treatment of animals at the THS on Saturday June 20th at 2pm at 11 River St.

Social Mange said...

I'm taking a different tack. I'm getting a membership so I can go to the AGM and ask nasty questions, and propose a new slate of directors.

However, since the board has to approve all new members, I may not get in. We'll see just how democratic THS is. And how much they want my thirty bux.

Anonymous said...

Do the THS board members never tour the entire facility or question the numbers? What about the OSPCA?

I think we sorta know the answer...

As Eletta said, it would be great if TAS and THS could work together and improve things for the animals.

Fred said...

THS Protest, thanks for the link. I hope it's a big turnout. It was public protests like this that got the Montreal SPCA board cleaned up.

Social Mange, good idea and I'm looking to join as well. I have to wonder, though, and this is because I know nothing about the inner workings of THS, why the regular members haven't kicked Trow out already. Are they all zombies? If I get a membership, do I turn into a zombie?

redstarcafe, word I hear is that the board members are either too enamored or too cowed by Trow to stand up to him between all his funding fetes and media events.

Anonymous said...

Fred, probably a bit of both. Fed the statistics they want to hear, and loving the fundraising. Maybe all of us that follow your blog should become board members! Yeah, that would work!

I hate the crappy politics when animal welfare is at stake. Tell me these board folks are really in it because they care about abandoned animals more than a networking opportunity.

monica said...

Fred - do you know who started the petition? Just curious. I signed it & forwarded the link to everyone.

Fred said...

monica, I think the person who started the petition is the owner of the dog, Harley, in the Globe article. Her name is Ainsley Kendrick and if you join the Facebook group Save the THS , you can get search her name and get more info. said...

I used to work at the THS. The problem with the board, and the problem with the general public's preception of the THS is that the doors open to the public at 11am. My shift used to start at 7am. From 7am until 11am, the staff at the THS would frantically clean the dog runs and cat cages to get it ready for the 11am opening.

Those pictures of animals locked in cages and runs covered in urine, vomit, and feces? That is what majority of the THS looks like first thing in the morning before the clean up crew starts working.

People that visit the THS during the day are not looking at the same conditions that exist there at 7am.

Anonymous said...

You maybe interested to know that beyond being outed from his position, he was arrested today.