Saturday, February 6, 2010

Dear Rambo,

A sign from the rally for Rambo and Brittany this morning.

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Ian said...


Our family will continue to write letters on behalf of all the families impacted by this inhumane Legislation.

Amy said...

This letter/picture breaks my heart. No animal should ever die specifically because of its breed, but especially not in a case where the breed can't even be proven. I can only imagine how devastated the owner must be. I pray that this story has a happy ending, but I fear that it won't. What the city is doing is sick and disgusting and residents of this community should be outraged.

h said...

My heart is breaking for this family and the dogs who sit and wait for them to come .
I am so tired of this kind of bullshit.
What the hell is Brampton trying to prove? They are so very wrong in what they have done to these dogs its almost unspeakable. I know we have to keep fighting for these dogs but gawd dammit, we shouldn`t have to. They did nothing wrong along with the thousands of other `similar to` dogs in this province.
I so hate politics and government these days . Bryant doesn`t understand to this day that we are all accountable eventually. As far as McGuinty is concerned, my wish for him isn`t printable.
This stuff makes me sick to my stomach. Do you think anyone from Brampton AC gives a crap about these dogs? Apparently not. How the hell did they ever get their jobs? I am just so angry..............

Elizabeth said...

HES A BOXER!!!! OMG Brampton have any of you officers ever even seen a real pit bull?

Anonymous said...

My heart goes out to the people and animals involved in this shameful act. I may not be located in Brampton, but I'm wokring on making tons of noise on this case. Both of those dogs traits are far from that of an american pit bull, american staffordshire, or staffordshire bull terrier. Brampton needs to give those dogs back and retreat gracefully. Sadly I do not think that will be the case, so lets let the whole world know.

I'm sorry but the shelters in Ontario absolutely infuriate me. It seems to me like the last thing they think of is the animals themselves. I sent an email to Brampton Animal Control asking them why they were seizing boxer mixes from senior citizens. I did recieve a very proffesional response and would love to share it with you but I sadly recieved this little note on the bottom of the email.

The content of this email message should be treated as confidential and is the property of The Corporation of the City of Brampton. This email message is for the sole use of the intended recipient and may not be copied, modified, distributed, or used without the express permission of the sender. If you are not the intended recipient, please destroy all copies of this email and notify the sender immediately. Information related to this email is automatically monitored and recorded and the content may be required to be disclosed by the City to a third party in certain circumstances.

I work with both of my local animal shelters on a daily basis and have never had anything like that posted to the bottom of an email. Why is it that the animal shelters in Ontario feel like they have to hide something?

Social Mange said...

BramHell AC sounds like it's full of little people who abuse their authority and enjoy hurting people. It's past time for Brampton to clean house at AC.

The very fact that people debate "they are...they aren't...they're this...they're that..." proves the stupidity of breed specific legislation.

Ignorance is curable, stupdity is not. Let's see if the administration in Brampton is merely ignorant, or stupid.

selkiem said...

what about DNA testing?? Could that not prove conclusively they are NOT pit bulls (not that that would make it any more palatable - the BSL law is an abomination)

Ian said...

Why are these dogs being held but yet that other dog that you wrote about(Ginger?) was released pending the outcome of that Court case?
I know that dog was held for years but what got that dog released?

Are these owners taking this to Court?

Isn`t there any kind of standard across the Province?

Surely holding your dog(s) is not dependent on where you live or what Lawyer you have?

Fred said...

Hi Ian, a big part of the problem with this law is how arbitrary it is. It's up totally up to the city animal control if they wish to classify a dog as a Pit Bull or not as the wording under DOLA give them that power. As for bending the law one way or the other, well, that's what lawyers do best.

Gina said...

Hi Fred,
Is there any advice you can give to folks who are residents of other countries and who may not be able to help locally but would like to do anything they can?
( I notice many of the signatures on the petition are from all over and since I am in N.Y. I know my voice does not matter in the sense that I can not vote locally or attend last Sat. rally - but it might matter in other ways...) Would the best route be letter writing and if so -to whom should I be sending something to?
I have written about this on my blog & on my "Catster" page in an attempt to get the word out to the broadest possible audience of animal lovers since groundswells happen in the oddest of ways-but if there is more someone like me could do-any advice would be much appreciated.
Best wishes to those involved-Gina

Fred said...

Hi Gina, your support is greatly appreciated. Certainly adding your name to any on-line petitions can't hurt but the best is always direct communication. Here is Brampton Animal Control's contact info:

475 Chrysler Drive, Brampton, Ontario, Canada, L6S 6G3

phone: (905)458-5800

I don't have any names other at the BAC but I'm sure if you mention the names Rambo and Brittany, they'll know who to forward it to.

Also, here's Mariam Mesbah's email:

She's the spokesperson in the news interview. She listed as a Senior Advisor, Issues and Media for the City of Brampton and while she may not work directly at the BAC ... well, it can't hurt to CC her on anything you write.

Social Mange said...

I think you should skip Brampton AC and the Brampton mouthpiece Mesbah and send your letters directly to the Mayor and City Councillors of Brampton. Ultimately, they control AC.

Chicobandido has good points on how to write a letter to the editor; same points apply when writing to politicians.

Don't e-mail, they can set up a rule to delete your e-mail based on keywords. Fax or snail mail instead.

Mayor Susan Fennell
Fax 905 874 2620

Fax: 905 874 2644

City of Brampton
2 Wellington Street West
Brampton, ON L6Y 4R2

Social Mange said...

Something to remember as well is that Brampton has its own breed-specific legislation in the form of a city by-law.

Although the City mouthpiece is trying to divert attention to the provincial law, Brampton has its own unfounded, unjust, inhumane, vague, shoddy, proven ineffective and proven fiscally irresponsible breed-specific legislation.

Without seeing the paperwork on the actual charges, one doesn't know whether the charges are under the provincial law or the city by-law.

Anonymous said...

I agree.

Anonymous said...

I have raised them, had them as pets/family members all my adult life. They are the mos lloving dog you could find. But so are pitbulls.....