Friday, February 5, 2010

Brampton animal control still wants to kill Brittany and Rambo

Cheri Dinovo on BSL in Ontario (from Global News Hour, Dogs on death row):

This is what happens when you unleash badly written abusive legislation onto a public and then put it into the hands of bureaucrats who make it their own and use it to terrorize people.

By all news accounts, Brampton animal control officers went out of their way, and at a fair public expense in the case of the police raid on Rui Branco's house, to target these dogs in their still on-going attempt to have them killed (or deported out of province if the owners can find someone willing to take them).

Why does BAC feel the need to punish these two dogs? These dogs have no bite history, no complaints lodged against them and are well liked by neighbours. I mean really. Doesn't BAC have better things to do? And if they don't have better things to do, then maybe they should consider cutting back on staff, save the taxpayers some money and heartache.

Mariam Mesbah says the reason BAC is determined to get rid of these two dogs is because "The options being considered by the city are based on the legislation". Yeah, well the legislation, as stupid as it is, hinges on identifying the breed of the dogs and it looks like there's quite a bit of confusion over that with "qualified" experts disagreeing with one another.

From The Brampton Guardian, Dog fight headed to court:

“I’ve gone to bat a few times (for dog owners),” said local vet Dr. Tim Zaharchuk. “They send a form around with the owner, asking you to attest to the fact the dog isn’t a pitbull, but then when you do, they say they don’t believe you.”

He said it wastes time and gives the owners false hope, when, in the end, the city does not accept any professional opinion presented by the dog owners.

For what it’s worth, Zaharchuk said he has seen a picture of Brittany, and his professional opinion is she is a boxer mix.

If the bureaucrats at Brampton Animal Control had any heart, they would just gracefully back off and allow the owners to keep their dogs based on the fact that the breed is uncertain.

Mesbah says, "It’s not that they are out there on the hunt for these dogs". Oh really? So, did the dogs just turn themselves into BAC? And also, doesn't it seem a bit too much of a coincidence that two dogs from the same litter but living in different households were brought in at about the same time by Brampton ACOs for DOLA noncompliance?

Mesbah goes on to say that the city workers love animals and they don’t want to see animals hurt. That's good. So then give the dogs back. They've got good homes to return to, their breed status is highly debatable and they've done nothing wrong.

Here's the Facebook group: Injustice Brampton Dogs on Death Row - Free Them Now

Rally in support of Brittany and Rambo

Date: Saturday, Feb. 6, 2010
Time: 9:00 am EST
Location: 475 Chrysler Drive, Brampton, ON

Parking: You can park anywhere south on Chrysler drive as most business arre not open on Saturday: DO NOT PARK ON BRAMPTON ANIMAL SERVICES PROPERTY OR ON ANY OF CHRYSLER"S PROPERTY.

Gathering Spot: On the south eat side on Chrysler Drive there is a Waste Managment center to the South of Brampton Animal Services. We will all meet there.



If we are asked to move by Peel Regional Police we will comply in a peaceful manner.

Schedule of the Event:
9:00 am Gather all participants
9:20 am Instructions given by rally organizers to participants.
9:30 am Speech given from the Families of Brittany and Rambo.
MPP Cheri DiNovo will speak.
Rally organizers will instruct participants to form an orderly picket procession.
10:30 am - 11:30 am Picket procession on Chrysler Drive.
11:30 am End of Rally

Please bring your own signage. Please no profanity or verbiage that might be considered threatening.
Participants not conducting themselves in a respectful manner will be asked to leave. Any participants engaging in criminal acts will be reported to Peel Regional police.

Any further questions please forward them to

Continued here.


Ian said...

Words escape me.

I don`t swear so I`ll leave it at that.

borderjack said...

From a basic, human perspective, I'm at a loss. From a taxpaying perspective, doesn't the cost offend the government? I think back to Fred's posts about jury selection and how he highlighted the inefficiencies of the system. Courts are so backlogged, especially in Peel region, home of the legendary Askov case that started the ball rolling on cases being thrown out for institutional delays in the first place. With so much confusion, how can government justify the expense of pursuing cases where there has been no complaint, no harm? Crimes where there are identifiable victims, aggressors go unaddressed because the system can't cope with the volume. But it's okay to clog the system and dry up resources with this?

Social Mange said...

borderjack, nothing offends this provincial Lie-beral government so long as it promotes their ambitions. McGuinty went to court to ensure that he couldn't be held to his election promises.

The government is the propaganda machine that demonized unoffending dogs and legislated law-abiding people into second-class citizenship.

Remember that at election time.