Friday, February 26, 2010

Dano returned to Animal Rescue League

(h/t Selkie)

I don't have a lot of info at the moment but Dano, the Toronto Humane Society Pit Bull who had gone missing from his new shelter at Saint John Animal Rescue League, has been found and returned. Apparently, someone in a car saw him wandering the streets and the person opened the car door and Dano jumped in. Saint John Animal Rescue League was contacted and now Dano's back at the shelter.

The people at ARL are pretty sure that Dano was dognapped but that with all the publicity surrounding his disappearance, the perps decided to release the dog. You'd think that if whoever had him for the last few days actually cared about the guy, they could've at least tied him to a post in a public location and phoned in his whereabouts to ARL.

Dano was rescued from Ontario by Animal Rescue League and brought out to New Brunswick along with another Pit Bull, Livingston.

Livingston at THS, photo by Melanie

Livingston has already been placed in a foster home. From the Telegraph_Journal, here's a photo of Livingston with his new person:

Jeff Ducharme/Telegraph-Journal

Both Livingston and Dano are wonderful dogs and it's so good to hear they are now safe and while the final papers aren't yet signed, it's looking like both dogs already have new permanent homes.

And now that they are safe, it's back to the question, what kind of assholes here in Ontario demand that these dogs be killed or forced out of province?

Here's another dog, Caleigh in Kingston, who is facing execution for doing nothing wrong. Brindle Stick has some excellent commentary.


Biscuit said...

Jeez, I bet that "junior employee" has been absolutely sick with misery all week. I'm almost as glad for her as I am for Dano.

Social Mange said...

What a relief! Dog theft from shelters has happened like that before, I've read quite a few stories out of the U.S. about it. I hope the rescue has a posted firm rule about not allowing a dog out with anyone unless they're accompanied by a rescue member.

Amy said...

I am so glad to hear that Dano has been returned to the shelter! Its nice to hear some good news amidst all the crap that we see and hear on a daily basis.

selkie said...

here's the story... doesn't this Rescue League sound wonderful?

Fred said...

Thanks for the link selkie!

Anonymous said...

The picture in your Feb. 25th article is not the same dog in these new pictures...look at the snout. What's up with that?

Fred said...

Anonymous, that's because they're two different dogs.