Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Dog on ice floe

Maybe you've seen this already as it's been out there on the www for a while now but I just caught it yesterday.


selkie said...

what's even cooler, is the guy who rescued him has now adopted him! His name now is Baltic! (yup, that's the sea the poor guy is stranded in)

There's another cool one to track down about the rescue by LA firefighters of a shepherd cross out of a cistern... the guy rapels down from a helicopter then wades through floodwaters - and the dog bites the crap out of him but he hangs on and rescues him! That dog was later reunited with his owner.

borderjack said...

Baltic is my story of the year! (so far). I loved it!. I read in separate stories that either four or six people came forward as potential owners, but that Baltic showed no signs of recognition. It seems the crew took good care of him, got him to a vet, and now he has a new master. I was high on this happy ending for days!