Saturday, February 20, 2010

Watch this

Channel 61 WNED
Sunday February 21 10:30 - 12:00 (Eastern Standard Time)

MINE is the powerful story about the essential bond between humans and animals told against the backdrop of one of the worst natural disasters in U.S. history.

Trailer here.


Joanne said...

Two interesting posts...the worst (Mine) and the best of humanity (Nico). The ability to come together to save a life and the inability to see past you own perceived needs and wants to make a sacrifice for someone else. The people of Katrina lost everything and all some of them have left is their bond with their pet. The greater act of compassion would be to overlook your own desires to keep the pet and return it to the person who is suffering deeply from their loss. A sad example of the "me, me, me and more me" attitude prevalent in society today. I am sure that we all, as I would, vehemently deny that we would leave our pets behind but sometimes circumstances can thwart the best laid plans and best intentions. It is not my place to judge their circumstances or decisions. I am positive that the majority of these people never conceived that they would be leaving their pets for longer than a couple of days nor did they anticipate the total devastation of Katrina. They believed what they were told by authorities, made provision for their animals and wound up in a horrible, unimagineable, unanticipated situation. Sometimes any decision is a no-win one. I can only imagine the anguish that being so powerless would cause. In all good conscience and despite how much attachment I had to the animal, I could not keep it knowing the additional heartbreak I would be causing someone who had nothing left. I would try very hard to put myself in their position and try to understand what they are feeling. If you truly want to help an animal, go to a shelter and adopt another homeless animal. I cannot image losing my kids in this way and would only hope that someone would have the generosity of spirit and kindness of heart to return them to me. "If you want to feel good, do good" me that is a powerful statement...merits a lot of consideration. Everything that's good, beautiful and great in life requires sacrifice, big or small but the rewards are tremendous. You wouldn't keep someone's child that you found, that makes a dog or cat any different...that is someone's family member and they have every right to have their family intact.

Kate said...

Damn... I have BellTV. Hopefully Seattle or Boston PBS will show it.

deakat said...

Here is a schedule you can check to see when it's showing on which stations.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the heads up Fred. Just finished watching and this was a very powerful, thought provoking documentary.

I'm glad to see that a law was enacted to rescue animals in times of disaster. I wonder if we have anything like this here in Ontario? They would have to knock me out and physically pry my dog out of my hands before I would leave him behind.

Anonymous said...

I just finished watching Mine and thought it was a very well done but absolutely heartbreaking documentary. Katrina was a tragedy and a travesty all the way around. My heart still goes out to those people who had to endure it, even years later. Abandoned by the government, losing everything they owned, still living in FEMA trailers years later, families being split up and on top of everything, having to leave their best friends behind because animals simply weren't allowed to be rescued with their families... I mean, how much emotional upheaval are these people supposed to go through?
While I felt empathy for both sides (the original owners and the people who adopted the dogs), I feel the people who gave the dogs back to the original owners did the right thing. The best example was the older lady, Gloria and the couple who adopted her black lab, Murphy Brown/Shadow. They returned Murphy to Gloria, she got to spend her last days with her best friend and when she passed away, she returned the favour by willing the dog to them so they ended up with him after all. If only all of the cases shown could have been resolved so amicably.