Sunday, February 28, 2010

You can keep pretending you're working as you listen to this

Some excellent podcasts from Chat Month at PetHobbyist.

Nathan Winograd is one of the most passionate and controversial voices in animal welfare today. As part of this year's Chat Month focus on "Ending Pet Homelessness," he'll be speaking about the role the law can play in saving animal lives, and how legislation and litigation can help create a No Kill nation. I'm not sure how much the legal talk will apply to us up here in Canada but there's some good history of the no-kill movement from Winograd in the segment.

Last fall, the Ad Council launched the first animal welfare campaign of its more than 60 year history, the Shelter Pet Project. Based on new information developed during the one-year period leading up to the three-year, multi-media campaign, the Shelter Pet Project uses humor and a positive approach to get its message across.

Find out how the Shelter Pet Project came to be, the research behind its television, radio and print public service ads, how it is designed to end the killing of healthy and treatable dogs and cats in the nation's shelters, and why that's not a fantasy but a very achievable goal. Joining us will be representatives from the sponsors of the campaign: Ad Council campaign manager Cece Wedel, Maddie's Fund president Rich Avanzino and Betsy McFarland, senior director, companion animals at the Humane Society of the United States.

An interview with Bonney Brown, director of the Nevada Humane Society. Christie Keith will be asking her to answer a simple question: With shelter intakes in excess of 15,000 in the Reno area that you serve, the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression and sky-high foreclosure rates, how come you're smiling?

If you're an animal lover, shelter or rescue volunteer, or work in the shelter industry and are struggling with feelings of being overwhelmed, underfunded, and burnt out, come join one of America's most successful shelter directors and learn how Washoe County saved 90 percent of its homeless animals last year, and how your community can do the same, without bitterness, burnout or bankruptcy.

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Lynn said...

Hi Fred. Thanks for posting these. I've only listened to the last one so far (the lady from NV), but she totally inspired me. There's so much negativity in this field, and it comes from everywhere. I loved her positive, and apparently successful, approach. Thanks again...I'm sure I never would have found this without you.