Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Update on Cocasse

From Cocasse' owner who's also one of the great volunteer dog walkers at Toronto Animal Services South:

Here are two photos of Cocasse that I especially like.

The close up shot of his face is him giving me a sweet look before he lays down for a nap on my feet. He loves to sleep on my feet which is very welcome during these chilly nights.

I'm so glad Cocasse decided to own me on our walk together at TAS two months ago :). I wasn't planning on adopting a dog, or at least not yet, but there was just something about him. Before I left TAS that afternoon I had to go back and get some more slobbery kisses from Cocasse. I spent the entire evening talking myself in and out of adopting him and the first thing I did the next morning was call TAS to let them know that I wanted to adopt him.

He is such a sweet, well behaved boy who is great with children and other dogs. While he is still timid, afraid of men, loud noises outside and cars we are working on this daily and he has come a long way. He was on the thin side when I first brought him home, this was everyone's first comment when they met him, but he has since gained a good 10 pounds and looks beautiful today.

Adopting Cocasse was one of the best things I have ever done and we love each other very much.


Ian said...

What an intelligent look on that dogs face!
I`m glad he got a nice home and he sure looks like he knows it.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful dog. I had the exact same experince when i adopted Blondie. I wanted to volunteer to get my dog fix but didn't plan on adopting a dog because of my two cats. After walking Blondie, I just couldn't get her out of my head. She had to me mine. True love is like that, you just know lol. It was the best decision of my life. I've never bben happier. looks like Cocasse ended up in a fabulous home. I remember he was a very sweet dog who was quite timid and scared. I bet now he is as happy as can be. He sure looks it.

Awsome update


Anonymous said...

Adopting a pet is the greatest thing in the world isn't it? Everyone I meet who has done so agrees. Now if only I could just fit a few more pets into my life...sigh lol


Amy said...

What a beautiful dog! He is lucky to have such a loving home.

Miz Minka said...

That is a breathtakingly beautiful dog! I'm so happy he's found a loving forever home. I wish there were more stories like Cocasse's. I recently read the euthanasia statistics for my local city "shelter," and it was extremely depressing. The no-kill humane societies around here (who mostly place their dogs and cats in foster care) are packed to capacity. <:(