Friday, February 26, 2010

Hamilton Burlington SPCA board resigns

(h/t Julie)

And they weren't even charged with animal cruelty or anything.

If you want to read about it, it's here.

Rumblings of trouble at the HBSPCA started a few months ago when their board did some weird thing involving partnering with The Equestrian Association for the Disabled, a group which brings disabled people together with horses. I should probably write a bit more about this but if I do, this is going to turn into a blog more about the fu'd politics behind too many animal welfare organizations than about dog rescue. There's already enough drama here in Toronto surrounding our own Humane Society.

As always, I hope the people get their shit together so they can start spending more time taking more care of the animals instead of arguing amongst themselves.


Meaghan Edwards said...

Some updates here:

There has been totally unjustified attacks on staff over this. Sigh.

Social Mange said...

Must admit, the HBSPCA's decision to amalgamate with TEAD while Jim Sykes was on the boards of both doesn't have good optics, especially if TEAD didn't have the money to run its operation (indicated in the news story by HBSPCA paying TEAD's expenses).

Did HBSPCA's objects even allow it to run a therapeutic riding program?

What's with the vet hospital supposedly put on the Dartnell Road property, is it for the SPCA animals or is it a private clinic? If the former, would they also treat the animals (especially the cats) in the Hamilton City pound? That pound is routinely swept with feline distemper that kills.

Was Jim Sykes also the head of the Hamilton city pound while he was on the HBSPCA board?

Meaghan Edwards said...

Jim only worked for the SPCA.

The clinic is for the SPCA animals and for new animals coming in, but it is planned that it'll be open to the public later in the year. I believe when the city pound moves to a new location (they still haven't moved out) the city will open up it's own vet clinic to treat its animals.

Anonymous said...

Wow, a board with a little integrity, who need not be compelled by charges of animal cruelty and interested in the welfare of animals to the extent that they will yield to others for the sake of the animals. Not so with the Toronto Humane Society. Apparently they need to not only be confronted with endless documentary evidence, charges of animal cruelty and neglect, impersonating Peace officers and obstructing justice, about 100 exposes ... they need to be convicted. Unbeleivable!

Anonymous said...

I belong to an animal assisted activity/therapy group that contacted the SPCA about partnering years back. (We had international certification and affiliation and they had the space for us to do evaluations.)

We figured some folks would want to visit at the SPCA and some with us, and some wouldn't pass and might want to sign up for training at the SPCA :-) It was all good as far as we were concerned.

We were gob smacked when an SPCA employee emailed that they had met with Sykes and they didn't want to partner because, they saw us as "competition".

Of course it all worked out as it should, but it still beats me why we were competition and TEAD wasn't.