Friday, February 12, 2010

Friday review, Feb. 12

Spartacus is such an excellent Rottweiler and he's already in an excellent home.


This skinny Poodle came in with some awful growths on his hips. They've been removed and the stitches are healing up nicely. Now he just needs to put on some winter fat to help keep him warm.

Unnamed Poodle

Not sure what breed this guy is. His beautiful colouring is like that of a Weimaraner and that's all I know.

Unnamed Weimaraner(?) pup

Dotty used to look like this. I think I prefer the pre-haircut version but I can understand why her locks, which were mostly dirty mattes, had to be trimmed off. They'll always grow back.


For adoption information on these and other dogs (and cats and other animals), please visit Toronto Animal Services.

Update: Dotty's already been adopted and you can see pics of her with her new housemate here.


Ian said...

All great looking dogs.
That little poodle reminds me of a puppet that Shari Lewis use to have in her act called Lamb chop.
I hate to see a dog with no name for any length of time.

Fred said...

Ian, you're so right about the Poodle. I totally remember Lambchop although I always thought it was a peculiar name, kinda like calling a pet cow "Steak".

K said...

Good Morning Fred!

Dotty is no longer available... because she's now living with me and Kip!!

Thanks to your blog, since I never would have thought to check as far away as Toronto for a dog.

And I like her previous shaggy look better as well - her hair will grow back, and there are no mattes allowed at my house :)

Things are going great so far, and all the playing she's doing with Kip will help get those extra pounds off!

Thanks again!!

Fred said...

Hi K, that great news! I thought I missed seeing her the last time I was in. I'm very glad to hear she's got an energetic playmate.