Saturday, February 27, 2010

Friday review, Feb. 26

Mirko's puppy mill cage buddy was adopted almost immediately after arriving at Toronto Animal Services South so let's hope Mirko finds himself home soon as well.

Mirko, puppy mill survivor

This guy is one of two brown Labradors that came in. The other one, Simba, the more rambunctious one, is already adopted, again pretty well as soon as he hit the adoption room. I'm pretty sure this guy will be gone pronto.

Super nice brown Labrador

When Bill first came into TAS South from a puppy mill with his two Golden Retriever siblings, he was the shyest of the three, staying flattened out at the back of his kennel, not daring to look up. Now, three weeks later, he's eager to meet people and loves going outside though of course he's still adjusting to life outside of a cage. Bentley, Bill's brother is also still awaiting adoption at TAS but the third sibling has already been homed.

Bill, one of three siblings from puppy mill

Simba, already adopted

This skinny guy has one of those irresistible faces that several people cooing over him. One of those people took him home.

GSD mix, already adopted

This sad faced, gentle Mastiff will be available for adoption as soon as he gets snipped.
Mastiff found as stray

For adoption information on these and other dogs (and cats and other animals), please visit Toronto Animal Services.


Meaghan Edwards said...

The eyes on that mastiff!

Anonymous said...

Fred, it figures that when I take a short break from volunteering that TAS gets 3 Goldens. Perhaps its a good thing because I'd probaby end up wanting to adopt all three! LOL
How old is Bill and his brother?
G & Cocasse

Fred said...

Hi Cocasse, Bill is a few months old but not sure exactly. I'm sure James would know.

SHARON said...