Sunday, February 21, 2010

Second rally for Rambo and Brittany bigger than first

On Saturday, about 200 protesters showed up in front of Brampton City Hall to let their councillors know how they felt about the seizures of Rambo and Brittany, two dogs accused of being Pit Bulls even though their owners say they have paperwork which states they are not. The mayor and councillors are using the "it's before the courts" excuse for not issuing a public opinion on the matter even though that didn't stop city bureaucrats from issuing a statement a week ago.

A video of the rally is here.


Rinalia said...

Glad to hear the turnout was so good. Brampton seems dead set on sticking to their irrational belief the dogs are Pit Bulls (it would still be wrong if they were)...I hope more public pressure helps reach through their thick skulls.

Mommyof2girlz said...

Yay for the turnout! I am still in awe of the ignorance of man. Papers, they have papers and a Vet testifying to the breed and the courts are still prejudice against these dogs. Shameful.

Barb said...

I hope the owner's lawyers get some permission soon to have someone actually check on the dogs... we've seen some dreadful cases here of dogs suffering terrible neglect in shelters while awaiting the outcome of a trial or hearing. The shelter workers believe the dog will be killed as soon as the hearing is over, so the most basic care is simply not provided. Even when veterinary care is donated free of charge! It makes you sick. Shelters should be held to the same standards regarding basic care as everyone else, and shelter workers should not be immune to charges of cruelty or neglect.

Anonymous said...

Mr Branco, owner of Brittany, said at Saturday's rally that a court date has not been set. Therefore, in my humble opinion, the matter is not before the courts and it is just being used as an excuse by Brampton. One of the supporters from FaceBook called into the Mayor's hour on Rogers cable tonight and Fennell replied that she had brought up the issue at a council meeting last Friday. Apparently, she "disagrees with the whole situation" and when asked what will be done, she did not give a direct answer. Our hard-earned tax dollars are being wasted over this totally unnecessary seizure of the dogs and it is causing so much pain and suffering for the families concerned, but no one at the city seems to give a damn. Brampton is obviously in need of some decent leadership!

Pamela (NOT a happy Bramptonian)