Friday, February 12, 2010

Can you say BS L?

Excerpts from City of Brampton website, Open Letter to Residents:

Rambo and Brittany, the two dogs currently at the Animal Shelter were both born after November 2005 and are therefore, considered illegal pit bulls under the provincial law. As a result, both dogs were taken into care by the City on January 13th. Once in the care and custody of our Animal Services, the legislation is very clear about what can cannot be done with the dogs. Both the owners and the City are now faced with limited options about how to proceed. At the heart of this issue is whether the dogs are pit bulls.

At the heart of the issue is why these two families and their dogs were targeted by Brampton Animal Control in the first place. There is more than reasonable doubt as to the breed of the dogs. The dogs are innocent of any complaints against them. At the heart of the issue is why BAC feel they have to try to ruin the lives of two families.

The legislation allows the BAC to say, "Hey, we effed up. You've got paperwork from your vet saying these dogs aren't Pit Bulls so maybe these dogs are Pit Bulls. Here you go. You can have them back." But that would require losing face. Sure wouldn't want to lose face. Might be bad for the career track.

We stand behind our Animal Services staff - they provide an important and compassionate service in our city. Our team takes enormous pride in how we approach and interact with every family and their pet. This case has been no exception.

As Brampton Animal Services continues to imprison innocent dogs, refusing them family visits, refusing them third party vet checks, with the constant threat of banishment or death over their heads, does anyone believe this? Anyone at all?

Apparently not many. Check out the poll here by scrolling down to near bottom left side (may not be there long) and the comments here at bottom of page.

Also, Dog owners, city likely off to court.


Social Mange said...

The province's breed-specific legislation was passed by a whipped vote, always used when legislation is introduced by a cabinet minister (Bryant). Those who objected could have absented themselves and some honourable people did, but McGuinty's control craziness is well-known and Liberal backbenchers feared being frozen out.

It's time for their consciences to speak loudly, and for ALL Ontario MPPs to vote to pass Cheri DiNovo's Bill 222 to remove breed-specific legislation from the Ontario Dog Owners' Liability Act.

Social Mange said...

Brampton taxpayers should also be asking Mayor Fennell and the City Councillors some HARD questions.

What is the exact cost to Brampton taxpayers of this travesty, Brampton seizing two unoffending dogs? Tally the cost of:
- the Brampton Animal Control officers (paycheques, benefits, vehicles, gas, insurance) ignoring dangerous dogs and seizing peaceful dogs;
- the vet who demonized these dogs and is now supposedly treating them;
- City workers receiving the e-mails, faxes and snail mail and cruising blogs about this matter;
- the private security firm and the idling vehicles to “protect” Animal Control office from peaceful protestors (probably to be repeated on the 20th);
- City lawyers to cooper up an obviously unacceptable “offer” and “negotiate” with the owners and their lawyers;
- City lawyers and communications people to write the letter printed over Jamie Lowery’s name;
- Mayor Fennell to buy newspaper space and send letters trying to CHA.

Fiscal irresponsibility runs rampant in Brampton.

Anonymous said...

This letter gets me even more riled up! Michael Bryant, the former AG who initiated the BSL law, was charged with criminal negligence causing death in September, 2009. He is free, yet these two innocent dogs are locked up with no chance of freedom in sight. Where is the justice in that?