Tuesday, February 16, 2010


In a shameless attempt at getting more of a spotlight on Toronto Animal Services South and shelter animals in general, I sent some photos of Loki's pups to Cute Overload and lo and behold they have been posted. For those who haven't heard of Cute Overload, it's the www's premier site for photos of critters that make you go awww and it's one of those sites that gets a bajillion hits daily.

There's no mention of the pups being shelter pups on Cute Overload but that's okay. Interested viewers click on the link back to this blog and it's pretty quickly apparent where the pups are from. I don't know how this will translate into getting more shelter animals adopted out but I figure it can't hurt.


Wikked Windy said...

EEEEEEEEE! I saw it on cuteoverload! Good job FRED!!!
I love the pics!!!!!


I hope it gets traffic here and hopefully bring more atenshons to the pups!

Deebo said...

I found this blog 'cause of the cuteoverload post, so I'm quite happy they got posted. I am really happy to see that you're pro-pitbull (I have one! She's my best friend.) I used to live in Brampton, and my biggest fear was that they were gonna come get her.

Anyways, definitely glad to find this blog, you just got yourself another reader :)

Fred said...

Deebo, I'm glad that you and yours made it out of Brampton okay.