Saturday, January 16, 2010

Friday review, Jan. 15

Most of these dogs are recent arrivals and aren't in adoption yet but when they do make their debut, some of them are going to be snatched up quick.

I know this little Schnauzer, Dotty, is a bit of a ragamuffin and needs a good wash and clipping but I love the texture of its coat. Once it's through the rinse and brush cycle, it'll probably be all poofy - and much more comfortable, I'm sure - but there will always be this photo to remind it of it's rebel years.

When Austin first came in, he was so hairy and matted that he was pretty well blind because of the clumps in front of his eyes. Once shaved, he was discovered that he had some really bad infections around the skin around the eyes but luckily no damage to the eyes themselves. Now this little playful poodle is recovering splendidly with the help of lots of toys which he loves to have around.

This Jack Russell is a self confident little squirt who isn't afraid to take on the big dogs so we have to be careful not to let him get too close to them. He seems fine with some of the smaller ones his own size and even seemed to like the Schnauzer when I took them both out together.

Skye, an Airedale, is a really gentle dog with people who looks like he's got an old soul or maybe he just didn't get a good night's sleep the night before. He'll be out in out of TAS in no time.

High energy Lab cross. He's sitting here but you can see he's leaning into the wind and all ready to run at the hint of the next scent.

Update on Austin here.

For adoption information on these and other dogs (and cats and other animals), please visit Toronto Animal Services.


Anonymous said...

What a bunch of cuties, I really like the look of the Airdale. He seemed really sweet when I saw him in his kennel too!

Ian said...

Great looking crew.

Toronto Humane Society needs to hire you to take photos of their dogs.

You manage to make even the scraggly ones look very adorable.

Heather B said...

the little Schnauzer looks like he just got off his Harley and is lookin` fer trouble.
All good looking kids this week. Bet they fly out the door.

Marcie said...

The Jack Russel has the prettiest brindle on his face. As always your pics are fantastic.