Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Update on Austin

From Austin's new owners:

On Austin's behalf we'd like to thank Toronto Animal Services and Happy Tails Rescue for taking care of and rescuing him. He is really a very sweet dog.

Austin is still as playful as ever. He loves playing with balls and is good with fetch. We sometimes put a ball in a sock which he then likes to take one end of and swing around in circles. It is very funny to watch.

Austin is such a sweet and gentle soul that one our neighbours' children like to "borrow" him to take care of occasionally. He loves to cuddle and show his belly for belly rubs. Even being calm and laid back he does like his walks also. For a small dog he can keep up a good pace for hour-long walks. He gives us the opportunity to do our exercise too. We also like to bring him for other outings as well since he is an excellent car passenger.

The skin under his eyes looks good. It has gone completely back to it's natural colour after recovery from the skin infections. He fur is growing nicely to the extent that it is almost time for a haircut. He is looking very handsome.


Ian said...

Austin cleans up nice.
Does he ever look good.
It`s great that good people can see past the way they sometimes look when they land at Shelters.My compliments to the photographer.Great shots and nice background.

hopy said...

oh, i'm so glad to see he's looking so well! what a happy, healthy-looking little guy in his flower bed.

Anonymous said...

Handosme, he looks for sure! what a cutie pie. Way to go Austin