Friday, April 2, 2010

Animals remaining at the THS

By the sounds of things, all the remaining dogs except for Bandit have found places to go. This is not 100% confirmed but the source is good. A huge thanks to all the volunteers and staff who personally took dogs into their homes or who found placement for them in fosters or rescues. You know none of this good work would have been possible without your efforts.

There are still a lot of cats and small domestics remaining and any help finding homes for them would be greatly appreciated. The THS will close for several weeks so fostering arrangements for the duration of the closure for some of these animals may be accommodated.

Here are three FIV kittens who are looking for homes (descriptions from THS volunteer):

Arnie – Arnie is a little guy with a big nose and a teeny little meow. The poor guy came into the THS over a year ago, so scared and shy. Now he’s a big cuddle monkey – his favorite place to be is cuddling in your arms with one paw on each of your shoulders and nuzzling into your neck. And his second favorite place? Rolling around on your lap, purring and trilling away! Poor Arnie has suffered the fate of so many other black cats – passed by because he’s hard to see at the back of a cage in a shelter full of kitties.

Doc – Doc must be wondering what he keeps doing wrong…he keeps ending up in a cage at the THS. Nothing, Doc! Poor Doc was returned to the THS recently after a year in a home because his owners got another cat and they didn’t want the new cat getting FIV. Poor Doc. This cute little boy is still has his kitten-like playfulness - both with other kitties and people. He’s got big ears and a handsome little face. But the cutest thing about Doc has to be how his little tongue sticks out when he’s happily enjoying being brushed and petted. And, of course, his love of giving little kisses.

Biscuits – Biscuits is one of the funniest cats you’ll ever meet! You’ll usually find this tough-looking guy cuddled up with the little stuffed animal or chatting to people passing by his cage. The poor guy looks a little rough around the edges, with the tell-tale torn ears of many FIV+ cats, which may be why he’s been at the THS for almost 2 years. When he first arrived, Biscuits was very shy about being handled – loved to be brushed but got soooo nervous when he was picked up. But with calm reassurance Biscuits has learned to trust and now loves to be carried around with his chin on your shoulder purrrring away. Hopefully you can see past Biscuit’s tough exterior to the loving, affectionate, funny-guy inside.

Plus a tremendously informative link courtesy of BFAS clearing up some FIV myths....

FIV: Catching a Bad Case of Rumors

Please contact the Toronto Humane Society for more information on adoptions or fostering.

Here's the Facebook page, HELP!!! Adopt an animal TODAY!!!!!

Here's Help the THS Kitties blog which profiles the cats who need to most help.


YesBiscuit! said...

I thought the court testimony said that the Vet had advised some of the animals needed to be killed as they couldn't be transferred safely. This would appear to contradict that idea.

Fred said...

YesBiscuit!, not sure if I read that. I recall a few places where euthanasia as a last resort, and that type of language, was used in the Settlement.

YesBiscuit! said...

This is probably the part of the affidavit I was thinking of:

"In some cases, Dr. Lange has advised me that certain animals should be euthanized because their physical or mental health has deteriorated and they have little quality of life."

Fred said...

Dr. Lange was in at the THS a few weeks ago. Perhaps he was referring to some of the animals euthanized last week.

Rachelle said...

A talented friend of mine is finishing up a poster (an urgent appeal for potential adopters). When it's done, it will be posted for all to use (ie. plaster all over your neighbourhood)... should be done by tomorrow; will let you know soon where you can find it!

Rebecca said...

From all the way in Edmonton, I fell in love with Biscuits based on his bio and photo, and felt absolutely sick at the thought he might be one of the reported 19 euthanized cats. I'm glad to know he still has a chance.

Many shelter cats that had adoption listings through Toronto Cat Rescue have vanished... possibly all due to the current upheaval from relocating the animals... but who can tell? THS's own website keeps breaking down. I have a very bad feeling about Rocky and Combo... a bonded pair, both with diabetes, one of them blind.

I feel sorrow for the 6 dogs as well, but it's obvious their lives and their loss won't be forgotten. Those cats also once had names and personalities. Will anyone remember them and pay them tribute? It might not be possible to save all the animals, but when we can't, they deserve to have their memory honoured. It truly is the very least we could do for them.

Fred said...

I've just been told that Biscuits has been adopted!

But I've also just been told that Mary Sue, a most excellent dog, recently had surgery on her leg and is recovering. They are looking for a foster to adopt situation in case more surgery is required.

(Thanks Heather)

hopy said...

I do wonder what will happen to Bandit. How old must he be now?

Laura HP said...

I wonder what they'll do with all those rats? Good luck finding enough homes for that many white, red-eyed rats.

Hooray for Biscuits though! This is so crazy, the mad rush for adoption. I understand the urgency but I hope all adopters think out their plan for the next few years instead of just the duration of the closing.

Lil'Mac said...

I was previously told that Rocky and Combo found a foster home (with a THS volunteer).

I was told that Arnie has been adopted. Biscuits was still there when I was at THS early this afternoon, so it is wonderful to hear that he has been adopted.

Doc needs a foster home as he has dental work yet to be done (seriously, he is so charming--I am envious of whatever lucky sould gets the privilege of taking him)

There is a lovely staff favourite (whom I have never met) named Connie. From what I understand, she had a place to go, but tested "weak positive" for Feline Leukemia, so she couldn't go to the home that had another cat. She is seeking a home where she would be an only cat.

I met two gorgeous senior black cats today named Genevieve and Midnight (not together).

There is also a beautiful grey senior cat named "Sir Ian" who has had a urinary blockage and needs a special diet--he has the most amazing, unique eyes I have ever seen! I wish I could take him

There are several AMAZING FIV cats available--McKellan is one. There is a darling tiny black one named Ian and several more. I have been told that the FIV cats tend to be the nicest, most affable cats in the shelter and, from what I have seen, I don't doubt it.

From what I understand, there are two dogs who likely have a place to go, but whose placements are not certain yet, so it might be nice to have some back-ups.

There are so many beautiful cats, big and small. I couldn't possibly describe them all. There are also several cuddly rabbits and many gentle rats with inquisitve soulful eyes. Please go have a look--you won't be disappointed = )

Nancy said...

I thought Bandit was Tim Trow's dog? (seems I read that in the first globe articles when the OSPCA raid happened, the officers had to pepper spray "Trow's dog"

Is my memory shot?

Anonymous said...

Nancy, Tim kept Bandit with him in his office - a big conference room at THS. He would walk Bandit around to show people that the dog was friendly. Bandit doesn't belong to him, but was only under protection while Trow was there.

The new THS Kitties link is great. I don't understand why Genevieve is considered special needs if she only needs dental work. Sir Ian is certainly gorgeous!

I wish they would give Ruthann additional support at this time. She's trying to post more on the web but it seems that only the web staff can promote content and they don't work weekends. I also recall reading something about not being able to do certain things like extend hours because the OSPCA didn't work evenings.

Lil'Mac said...

Oops--the little black FIV kitty to whom I was referring is named "Jason" not Ian. He is adorable!

Anonymous said...

Heather, at "Help the THS Kitties", you're doing a beautiful job!

Anonymous said...

I had the opportunity to meet Doc today. He is an incredibly friendly and beautiful cat. His previous family should have adopted another FIV+ cat to keep him company.

Genevieve, Centaur and a host of others have been adopted, and the shelter folks are hoping that, if the current adoption rate keeps up, they will be clear by April 12. A lovely gentleman adopted Midnight and Velvet, both senior cats. And Tart has a new home.

Sir Ian is a very handsome boy. Hope he finds a new home this week.

The numbers on the website are going down. Mitch at the shelter told me that they'd been moving out only a couple a day. I guess with all the media attention, the velocity is up quite a bit.

Rachelle said...

Here's the link which includes a couple of posters you can use to plaster all over your neighborhood/email to friends, etc... only one week left to get these animals adopted; let's do all we can to get the word out! thanks!

Fred said...

Thanks, Rachelle. Posted.