Monday, April 19, 2010

Troy and Margi - Border Collies

I'm not sure if Border Collies Troy (top photo) and Margi (bottom photo) are siblings but they sure are stuck on one another. Troy is more outgoing than Margi when it comes to people but she warms up fast enough with anyone who shows a little patience and wants to be her friend. They are both way too underweight and their TLC regimen will have to include adding on some pounds.

For adoption information on these and other dogs (and cats and other animals), please visit Toronto Animal Services.


Anonymous said...

did you meet Angie????? sweetest dog ever!! she loves to lie in the sun and will snuggle right up to you while doing so. She is perfect. She is from the same place that Troy and Margie are from.


Baby Charlie said...

Incredible loving dogs - they get along so well. Margi picked up a bone on the Grounds today and Troy was interested in it and Margi didn't even flinch ... not one growl - just amazing dogs! It seems that Margi has put on weight faster than Troy. A week made a difference for Margi. I know that Troy will gain weight in no time. They are both full of love and kisses.

Mom to Charlie, Gary & Karma

Fred said...

Hi Susan, no I haven't met Angie yet. Hopefully sometime this week.

Anonymous said...

I hope you get a chance to. There are 3 little lab/rottie pups there as cute


Fred said...

Oh yeah, I saw those guys. They'll be snapped up so quick.

Heather Houlahan said...

Troy looks like an English shepherd. Margi looks like a mix.

I'm forwarding this post to an ES breeder in Ontario, in case she recognizes anyone.