Thursday, April 1, 2010

Toronto Humane Society obtains full control of its shelter under a new court approved agreement - or in other words, "Bye bye!"

Above headline from CNW as per the Toronto Humane Society. Which ever way they want to spin it, the board is out!

OSPCA will leave THS shelter on April 12. THS will close the facility and reopen June 1

TORONTO, April 1 /CNW/ - The Toronto Humane Society ("THS") is pleased to announce that it has reached an agreement that will see THS management resume control of all operations of its shelter on April 12, at which time it will close for six weeks to re-train staff and implement new policies and animal-care guidelines, Bob Hambley, President of the THS announced today. The deal was approved by the Ontario Superior Court of Justice today in Toronto .

"The THS has earned the court's approval to resume full operations of its shelter," said Frank Addario, Criminal Lawyer, Sack Goldblatt Mitchell LLP. "The long excellent relationship between the THS and the citizens of Toronto will resume later this spring."

Under the terms of the deal, the THS will first complete the removal of the remaining 200+ cats, dogs and small domestic animals at the shelter. Most of the animals will be adopted out or boarded at other locations. In some cases animals that are too physically or mentally ill to make full recoveries for adoption will be euthanized as determined by an OSPCA/THS veterinarian. Following the departure of OSPCA officials on April 12, THS management will temporarily close the shelter to begin the retraining of staff in preparation for resuming full operations, including new animal admissions on June 1.

"During this period our staff will undergo comprehensive re-training from outside experts on the best practices of animal care. As well, the entire facility will undergo a thorough cleaning and obtain new equipment to improve operations," said Garth Jerome, Executive Director of the THS. "This short term closing will reap long term benefits to The Toronto Humane Society. We will come back stronger, wiser and better able to serve the animals Toronto 's sick and abandoned animals."

Also in the agreement the THS Board of Directors shall call for a Special General Meeting of members for May 30, 2010, for the purpose of nominating and electing 15 new directors to the Board .

"Members of the THS can expect to see a substantially new Board following the May 30 meeting. We are looking forward to new ideas and new energy that will help the THS meet the needs of the thousands of sick, injured and abandoned animals that come to our shelter each year," said Bob Hambley, President of the THS. "Mr. Jerome has a two-year contract and his mandate is renewal. We have confidence he will successfully restore the THS to its place as one of Canada 's leading animal welfare organizations."

The THS is a not-for-profit organization solely funded through charitable donations that has been delivering care to animals since 1887. Its mission is to promote the humane care and protection of all animals and to prevent cruelty and suffering.

Frank Addario will be available for comment at noon at the THS.

For further information: Ian McConachie, Senior Communicator, Toronto Humane Society, (416) 984-3097

So folks, it's time to put on yer campaign hats. There are some board seats that need filling.

And, lest we forget, there are still a load of animals in the building.

The Globe and Mail article is here.

The Toronto Star article is here.

The OSPCA press release is here.


Anonymous said...

Gee, just turn your head for a few minutes and look what hits the news.

So animals are moving out to rescues and there's a plan for the OSPCA to take the adoptable others, all in the next 12 days. Well, they wasted no time to get the political bit done. Do you think they can shut down in a reasoned and measured way that doesn't do further harm to the animals?

I assume that THS will start taking membership apps again once they reopen, and that they will continue, in the meantime, to welcome donations from those of us who cannot get membership.

Biscuit said...

fred, would you think about running?

Anonymous said...

"substantially" new board?

Which of the old guard refuses to die?

Fred said...

redstarcafe, let's hope so wrt the animals and the membership apps.

Biscuit, not unless I can make a clone of myself.

Anonymous, let's see if those few actually rerun or if they just want to save face by not admitting defeat but end up "retiring" before the elections.

What I'm most curious about is whether or not the animal cruelty charges against the board members were dropped in exchange for the elections.

Gibby said...

According to the judge's decision (ironically on the THS home page):

An independent election supervisor will oversee the board election on May 30.

He/she will also consider any memberships submitted before November 26.

There will be no proxies. Members will be sent absentee ballots with all nominees listed on the form. Candidates can form a "slate" and group themselves together on the form.

I also read someplace that three directors wish to stand for re-election. No names, however.

Joanne said...

Gee Fred...what do you think? I said that months ago when the charges were first laid. It will all quietly fade away...very hard to prove in any event. Can you really see the board members doing time....there have been far greater atrocities committed against animals in the past and as far as I remember not one person has done one lousy day in jail. And, it is not likely to change here. Sad and disgusting but totally predictable....

Anonymous said...

Fred, then seriously, you need to be cloned. You are fair, balanced (at least appear so on the surface!), spot-on the issues, and you mobilize people.

I'm also curious to understand what is happening with the cruelty charges. Surely they were dropped if some members intend to run again? These folks all failed the animals.

Congratulations to everyone who came forward courageously to get this change made.

Rachelle said...

I wondered about that too Fred (animal charges dropped in exchange for this deal). The G&M article states that the entire board will resign; what's this about a few still hanging on... ?

selkie said...

actually I'll have to go back and look, but my understanding is the cruelty criminal charges are not against BOARD members but specially Trow and his upper management (4 other in addition to him) and I haven't heard anything about the charges being dropped.

Anonymous said...

I'm going to try to remain positive about these news changes. Hopefully THS will get it together. However, why are they still keeping Ian?

Anonymous said...

Just curious as to whether if someone in the general public was interested in fostering an animal during the closure period, how they would go about getting more information or if that would even be possible?

Anonymous said...

selkie According to The Star, Nov. 26, the board faces 5 counts of cruelty.

borderjack said...

Then clone yourself already, dammit!