Thursday, April 1, 2010

Toronto Humane Society Settlement

The complete settlement reached between the Toronto Humane Society and the OSPCA is here (as if you keeners didn't already know). Despite it being legalese, I highly recommend reading it as it contains some important information which will very much affect what happens at the THS in the short term.

I'll attempt to break it down later. Gotta eat. Too much shizz going down these last few days.


Anonymous said...

I thought that Linda McKinnon made some excellent points on behalf the Reform THS organization.

Judge Brown pointed out that the current board members are innocent until proven guilty, so it is up to the members, at the special meeting at the end of May, to ensure that there truly is a fresh start.

Look forward to your analysis once you eat and sleep. Oh, did I mention that you need to run for the board...

Anonymous said...

The lawyers for the OSPCA and THS went to mediation for two months. The OSPCA spent lord knows how much money. And ART wants the two sides to continue to go back to mediation and to a trial next to get the result that they want? I don't get it. Stop wasting donor money on lawyers. (OSPCA donor money is donor money regardless). That was the Tim Trow model. No more lawyers.

I'm worried that members will be able to vote on an entire slate of directors. Having a 'slate' is bad news all around. That's the Tim Trow way. There should be a limit to how many directors a member can vote for.

There will be a fair election for all 15 spots. This is amazing and unprecedented.

Social Mange said...

Voting must be individual, not slate.

It's time to inform the members so that they can make educated choices about who to elect to the board on May 30th.