Saturday, April 24, 2010


Nothing says spring like the first exuberance of dandelions, gleefully trumpeting the return of the summer sun.

Stella is finally warm even without her jacket and Rocky crashes into the plush grass every chance he gets.


Pibble said...

They're magnificent, aren't they, laying in the grass as if they own the world!

hopy said...

i love how stella looks so elegant and dignified sometimes, but can also look all gangly and goofy. always beautifully, of course.

and rocky cracks me up, the big handsome lug. he seems so serene in these shots.

Lynn said...

Stella looks like the Sphinx in that last ageless beauty. In envy your ability to capture your dogs in your pictures like you do.

Lynda said...

Great pics, Fred!

Great Dane said...

Those are some handsome fellers there, and some great pics too.

I love the Great Dane's gentle and loving nature. They make a great family dog.