Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Brittany and Rambo free at last ... pretty much

From Brampton Guardian, Dogs freed, ruled not pitbulls

They’re free!

An independent veterinarian has ruled Brittany and Rambo are not pitbulls, which means after 97 days in the pound, the two dogs are finally home.

And Rui Branco, owner of Brittany is now $20000 poorer from all the legal bills he's incurred fighting to get her back since Brampton City impounded his dog.

Way to go Brampton officials for being such dicks but since you finally saw reason, or maybe it was the mounting legal headaches and public outrage, at least now you can say you're not total dicks.

Or can you?

Not enough to let bygones be bygones, even when they were in the wrong, the City has ordered that both dogs be designated “potentially dangerous” and they must wear muzzles when out in public, and furthermore, in what can only be described as the result of a bureaucratic snit fit, the owners must now post big red signs on their property warning people about their dangerous dogs.

By my reckoning, the most dangerous dogs in Brampton are the ones working for the city and the sign they should be wearing is a big L stamped on their foreheads.


Amy said...

Not sure I have the energy right now to comment on the politics of the situation. However, I am thrilled for Brittany and Rambo's owners that they have their babies back at home. And I am sure they are equally as happy to be out of the shelter and back in their loving homes where they belong.

Anonymous said...


What's next? Reverting back to people having to wear things like "yellow stars" on their sleeves. How about tattoo's on their foreheads or wrists?

Maybe the politicians should put be forced to put signs on their property saying " Potentially Dangerous Politicians Live Here"?

What nonsense.

Anonymous said...

so yea they can keep their dogs, that have never done anything wrong and proven not to be pit pulls yet these owners have to treat their dogs like pit bulls because they still look that way,what kind of shit is that???How many times does the city have to be told they are not pit bulls!!! why are they treated that way!!!! soon all dogs will have to be muzzled just because they have teeth and they may bite because dogs do bite??? is that whats coming to the city of Brampton??

Eileen said...

I'm glad Rambo and Brittany are free, but I'd like to know if the family plan to sue the town to recover their legal expenses? I hope all possible steps will be taken to deter other towns from taking this kind of heavy-handed action. This case is absolutely appalling.

Ian said...

I don`t get it.I`m glad they`re home.I hope you`ll have a further explanation if you get it.

Anonymous said...


If there aren't any rules around the size of the sign I'd make it really small or I'd make a huge sign saying the city made you waste your tax dollars on this and list those involved with a big "Vote Them Out" call to action.

Ian said...

Has anyone seen this article in that Paper?

Fred said...

Thanks for the link, Ian.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful that they are finally home! IMHO, it's Brampton AC that should be designated as dangerous and wear muzzles.