Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Dobermans in the house

Suddenly, there are four Doberman Pinschers at Toronto Animal Services South.

Kipper is unfortunately still with TAS. It's been two months now since he first arrived. He'll make a splendid velcro dog, sticking to his owner's side, but he's hard to place because he doesn't like other dogs in close quarters and because his cage presentation has a lot to be desired. He barks at people for their attention and it's perceived as aggression so people just turn away from him and that just gets him even more desperate and aggravates the barking. His behaviour has been getting worse over the past few weeks and so TAS has been trying to find a rescue for him to go to. No takers yet.

Polo is a crazy, playful Doberman that will need someone to teach him some manners. He was taken away from his owner by police and brought to TAS.

Lex is a blue/fawn (?) Doberman and used to be called X. I guess the students who owned him thought it was a cool name. Too bad they didn't think it was cool to take him with them when they returned to whatever country they came from. They also apparently didn't think it was cool to feed him properly because he is very underweight. Otherwise, Lex is a beautiful, well-mannered dog and I don't think he'll have any problems finding more considerate owners.

The fourth Doberman, Billy, is another poor underfed thing and there is some order on its neglectful owner giving the person 72 hours to do something or other before s/he can have the dog back. Only staff are allowed to take it outside for now so I wasn't able to get a decent photo of it but we'll see where it's at in three days.

More on Billy here.

For adoption information on these and other dogs (and cats and other animals), please visit Toronto Animal Services.


Anonymous said...

Kipper is Gorgeous. He never barks at me anymore>We are friends. Although his bark is loud and when I first met him I was slightly intimidated. That lasted only a few seconds before he wormed his way into my heart on our walk. He is a very very nice boy. I pray someone looks beyong his cage manners, as they really are not a reflection of his true nature. On walks he is an absolute pleasure and loves to find and carry sticks in his mouth. Someone just has to scoop this dog up!!


Anonymous said...

Love, love dobermans!! They're such cool dogs...I used to have two of them years ago. Like pitbulls, they sometimes get a bad rap for being aggressive but they're really big sweethearts. Seems like that's Kipper's problem...he just wants to be noticed & loved so much.
Although Kipper & Polo would probably be a bit too rambunctious for me, I would love to have Lex. He's gorgeous...can't believe someone just took off and left him behind...but I live in an apartment and I'm sure someone with a house & backyard will snap him up soon.

Laura HP said...

I love Dobermans...poor Lex looks like he needs a really loving home, hopefully he'll find it soon!

I have to say, Kipper scared the hell out of me the first time I saw him - his bark is very startling! But he's such a sweetie, once you get over the surprise it's easy to see he has great potential. He just needs the right owner.
It's weird how sometimes there's just an influx of the same type...all Dobermans, or all black-and-white cats, etc.

Social Mange said...

Did anyone see Sparky on CTV eTalk on Jan 12? He gave big sloppy kisses to Tanya Kim, then almost hauled her off her feet when they were out for a walk *LOL*.

Anonymous said...

HaHa Sparky is a very STRONG dog. At the shelter it sais next to his name "only for experienced dog walkers" lol. He is a sweet dog though and built like bulldozer!


Kelly said...

Working with Rescues

I sure hope THS decides to start working WITH rescues.

It would be nice if we all pulled together to keep these animals safe and in better environments. I think dogs always do better in a foster home environment.

Great updates on these dogs :o)
Lovin' the pics and info!

Anonymous said...

Have these cuties found homes? We live in Ottawa and are looking for a rescue Dobie!

Fred said...

Kipper has been adopted out and Polo will be going into a youth training program. Lex and Billy, however, are still at TAS South. Billy will be up for adoption anytime now but Lex still needs to get neutered - which will happen probably next week.

I haven't walked Billy yet but I think Lex is a wonderfully behaved dog.

For more information on either of these guys you can call TAS South at (416) 338-6668.

Good luck!

Tomio said...

I rescued a Doberman from the Newmarket OSPCA, Best dog ever!!! We lover her! Please help these dogs, you won't regret it.

Anonymous said...

Kipper sounds And looks just like my Doberman! She gets very excited around people (kids especially) and barks cause she wants to play.. But people take it the wrong way and think she's mean; it's unfortunate because she is such a sweetheart! I would love Kipper but he's not good around other dogs either :( That would be too nutty for me

Anonymous said...


These Dobe's are so gorgeous. I do not have a Doberman, but when I do get a dog, when I have the time and means only then will I bring an animal into my home. In the meantime, why don't you contact the Ontario Doberman Rescue? They help a lot with surrender's. they do such wonderful work as well.