Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year everyone!

Me: Okay, look into the camera.

Stella: Hey, stop touching me! You're too close.

Rocky: Nnmph.
Stella: Better.


Ian said...

Happy New Year
Just like getting children lined up for the annual family photo.

Fred said...

Totally like that!

Anonymous said...

awww!!!!!!Happy New years Fred, to you and your family. Best of luck in 2010


Anonymous said...

Your dogs are so cute! They might get on each other's nerves but I'm sure they wouldn't know what to do without each other.

borderjack said... they sleep together under a blanket, or did you pose them?

Miz Minka said...

What lucky puppehs, all snug in their blankets. Happy New Year, Fred! :)

Anonymous said...

Ah, that's classic and so perfect! Totally reminds me of having to sleep in the dining room, family room or wherever throughout the Holidays when the relatives invaded!

Good one!

Fred said...

borderjack, I posed in so far as I made them lie down on the same doggie bed. Every once in a while I make them do that just to see what will happen, like if they'll tolerate each that close but it's always Stella who gets up after a few minutes, totally insulted, to find her own separate bed.

Tigerspirit said...

And may 2010 be the year that the THS gets its act together, the Ontario Government dumps BSL, and the human race sets new world records for adopting other lives into good and caring families.

And the year in which everyone reads Alexandra Horowitz' "inside of a Dog"...

Smartypants said...

I almost can't handle how much I love this photo shoot. Thanks for sharing! Happy New Year!

Lynda said...

Happy New Year, Fred!! Love the photos!!

martha said...

it is possible that i will start my day by reading you instead of dooce
she has kids and dogs and is equally entertaining- but YOU are in MY town!
I need to laugh more. or weep with joy.

that bed looks comfy-bet i could sleep there too,. I promise i won't touch either of them.

re: court ~it's s good place for people watching-better than a book.(unless you make eye contact-then oops!)

HAPPY NEW YEAR! and have you noticed that people (random- like at the grocery store) don't say it any more the first week or so of January?- I totally shocked 2 women yesterday when I was "cashing out "~oh? is that a U.S. term? ~ I must have been the first customer who EVER wished them Happy New Year-but they smiled and it was worth it!