Monday, January 18, 2010

And more puppies

Toronto Animal Services South is doing some dogsitting for TAS West. Twelve pups recently popped out of mom, Loki, who is a Cane Corso. They're just weeks old and they're all squirmy little things who know nothing yet about the world they've been plopped into. Let's hope that by the time they do become a bit more cognizant of their surroundings, they'll be in decent foster care.

Here's mommy Cane Corso on a well-deserved break. She's a very nice dog unless there is high value food in her vicinity in which case she becomes a royal bitch - even to her pups - so that's something that's going to have to be worked on. I gave her some dog cookies, though, and she was quite good, sitting for me and waiting, so she's definitely workable.

Here's a video of her babies:

You can see the mom in the kennel across the aisle. She's only there because I needed a few moments without her in the shot to video the pups. She's whining because she knows I'm going to take her out and she's wishing I'd hurry up goddammit.

For adoption information on these and other dogs (and cats and other animals), please visit Toronto Animal Services.

More photos here.


Heather Houlahan said...

How sure are they of the breed ID?

Momma looks awfully lightly built to be a purebred corso.

Hard to tell from just the one frontal photo, but I'm dubious.

Fred said...

I'd say 80% of the dogs that come through TAS are mixes and I don't know if anyone is ever sure about breed. Me, I just go by what I read on the charts or the sorta-looks-like-a categorization method and as long as no one calls a dog a Pit Bull and it gets to go into general adoption, I'm happy.

Laura HP said...

Wow, I love Momma's eyes, they're gorgeous. And her babies are just a bundle of cute! Fingers crossed for a quick foster home.

Do you know why West sent them to us?

Ian said...

Cute pups.
Isn`t that a rare Breed and didn`t you just write about a pregnant Cane Corso that was at the THS?
Is this the same one that`s been transferred?

Fred said...

Laura HP, I heard it was because they were too crowded or something or didn't have the facilities for all the pups.

Ian, big coincidence but this is a different Cane Corsa. The one at THS had six pups, (I think), but this mum had 12. As cute as they are to have around, I'm hoping they get out of TAS sooner than later.

Marcie said...

I want them all :) I think the THS Corso had 9, but I'm not positive. It ws a big litter tho, but not 12 big. Geez that's a ton of puppies. If I had the space I'd take them in but I don't. Which sucks for me & the dogs.

Heather Houlahan said...

Let's say, for the sake of argument, that two pregnant actual Cane Corsos just happen to come into the shelters in Toronto at about the same time.

Could be just a weird coincidence.

Or could be the tip of an iceberg.

An iceberg of Cane Corso (and other large, fierce molossers) directly caused by the ban on "pit bulls."

It will be so much better if all the 20-year-old tough guys have a 180# Presa/Rottweiler cross chained up out back instead of a 40# pit bull.

Anne said...

I second Heather's assessment- she doesn't look like any Cane Corso i've ever seen- even her ear set and muzzle shape/size seem off.
She's cute though, and so are the pups

Anonymous said...

That looks just like Rocky that I got from THS. He's a Portuguese cattle dog and you wrote about him a while back. I know the pic you took of him makes him look quite different from the mom here, but now, he looks much different.

The eyes, colour and texture of the fur, even the thin whiskers all look alike.

I'll try to snap a pic of him just like the one of the mom later when I get a chance.

Fred said...

Anonymous, yeah I remember Rocky ( and now that you mention it, they do look alike. I wonder if they're related.

I just checked out your photolink from last time you commented,, and Rocky looks great!

Anonymous said...

I think that TAS south would be a better place for pups to be anyway.

No offence to the workers @ TAS West but there is such a better atmosphere @ South- for both people and dogs alike. For example you can't walk the dogs for evaluation, you're supposed to huddle in a tiny hallway, no descriptions of the dogs on the websites about their personalities..any idea why such discord?


Fred said...

HTG, I've never been to TAS West but from what I understand, though TAS is obviously one city agency, each location has different employees and facilities and so there will be differences in operation. A lot of the rescue work being done at TAS South is voluntary as well so it's not mandated at all the different city locations.