Friday, January 15, 2010

Sparky on eTalk

(Thanks to Social Mange for pointing this out.)
Sparky, the American Bulldog with the wonky knees who was at Toronto Animal Services just a few weeks ago made a star appearance on eTalk where Tanya Kim, one of the hosts of the entertainment program, showed him who was boss (he was).

Check it out here at around the 2:15 mark (after the ad).

Note: this video clip is no longer available. Looks like they only keep them up for a couple of days.

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Anonymous said...

wow I watched it 3 times, that was so cool. Hahahah Sparky is a clown, a very loveable clown. It will be neat if we see Tanya Kim on occasion volunteering this year.

PS Kipper looked like he was being the perfect gentleman(lol at Nicola saying, "he's gonna bark" in the background.)

It really makes me happy to see the media coverage TAS south has been getting lately.