Thursday, January 28, 2010

Hip bones and ribs

Billy may hold the promise of the long sleek lines so desirable in today's walking stick supermodels but right now he's too thin for even that.

Whoever did this to Billy didn't get back to Toronto Animal Services South within three days to explain how he was going to remedy the situation so he lost the right to own this particular dog. But will the owner just get another dog and do the same thing to that one? Who knows.

The good news is that Billy just got adopted and won't ever have to worry about starving again. He's in a household with an older Doberman Pinscher who will no doubt show him the ropes on how to be a dog.

One day I hope to see some photos of Billy all fat and happy (well, not too fat).


Lynda said...

Glad he was snatched up quickly! Can't wait for his update!

Anonymous said...

Man, he is a sweet looking boy. So glad he got adopted and will now receive the care he so obviously needs and deserves.

Things are looking up for you Billy Boy


Ian said...

He`s adopted already?

Good looking fella but way too skinny.

I hope the new family sends new pictures and an update once he settles in.

Smartypants said...

First I felt sick... then started to tear up. I hate that this happens... but I'm so happy for this boy. Can't wait for the update either.

Anita said...

Thank goodness he's found a home.

I rescued a starving kitty a couple of years ago, and now she's a fat cat with a bit of an eating disorder. She spends much of her day hanging around the food dishes and steals leftovers from her 'brother.' I think she's afraid of ever going hungry again.

selkie said...

I love dobies... I'm so glad at least he gets a chance at a decent life. Unfortunately, you're right .... the b. will probably go out (if he hasn't already) and get another dog.

BTW ...what about the GSDs at TAS? There seem to be a few - as a GSD lover I would love to know their stories!

Fred said...

Hi selkie, yeah, I noticed that a few GSDs had shown up recently at TAS. Unfortunately, I only volunteer at the South region location and the GSDs are at the other ones so I don't know too much about them. I like Reverand, though, for some reason, just looking at his picture. Maybe it's his name or the big goofy smile on his face in his picture.

Meaghan Edwards said...

What a heartbreaker :( I'm glad to hear he's found a hopefully forever home. The Dobe at Hamilton has the exact opposite problem, he's chunky.