Friday, January 22, 2010

Friday review, Jan. 22

Lots of new dogs this week.


Ramone is a super nice black Labrador Retriever who seems to have been abused in the past. He's extremely sensitive to hands being raised and immediately backs away and cowers and then looks for reassurance. I hear, though, that he's going to end up in a fantastic new home so I hope whatever bad memories still haunt him will soon fade away.


These next three Labs are happy dogs without a care and the two black ones especially are really robust and beautiful examples of the breed.





Ida is a serene and elegant Husky. She's got a sense of royalty about her. I love her white mask.



Update on Bobby here.

Update on Dickie here.

For adoption information on these and other dogs (and cats and other animals), please visit Toronto Animal Services.


Amy said...

TAS took in some really beautiful dogs this week! Of course I am partial to the labs, since I have 2 chocolates and help run a lab rescue, but they are all gorgeous. Ramone has very sad eyes and just a heartbreaking expression - if only he understood that his luck is about to turn. I hope he is adopted to a wonderful family who can teach him that people can be the source of all things good.

Ian said...

All great looking but Ramone does look oh so sad.
I hope those marks on his nose aren`t from being hit.

Fred said...

Ian, those marks on his nose are pretty suspect but can't tell what they're from. Some of them look like old puncture wounds, some look like scratches and cuts.

Joanne said...

It is quite common for dogs (and moon bears for that matter) kept in confinement far to long to rub their noses and faces raw on cage or crate bars. So hopefully that is the cause and nothing more sinister or he could have a bit of a fungal infection on his nose. Is the black and white one a cocker. Nice colouring. Bless these guys.

Anonymous said...

Went (again!) at 11 am and most were adopted out. Good for them, bad for us..I think it's fair to say that TAS south has a very high "turnover" rate- but that could also be due to the really pleasant atmosphere! Bravo!