Sunday, March 28, 2010

Update on Dickie

From the owner of Dash (previously Dickie):

Sending you two photos of Dash--previously known as Dickie. He has been here almost two months now and is finally settling down. Dash is a very busy boy, with a list of destroyed items to his credit. He loves to run, thus the new name, and will retrieve almost anything. Dash especially loves to chase and retrieve his blue Jolly ball. Dash has learned not to chase the chickens, at least too much, and has learned not to be too afraid of the horses. He really enjoys running with my older dog. Hope you enjoy seeing and sharing the photos with other staff.


Anonymous said...

Aww Dash aka Dickie looks so happy. He certainly is a handful from what I remember. I am thrilled to see he ended up at a farm. Lucky dog, I can't think of a better environment for him. This is a great update. Way to go Dash you did very well for yourself dear boy.


Ian said...

Great photos and update.
What a great life for him.
Looking at the old photo,his eyes looked rather sad and now they look bright and mischievous.