Monday, March 8, 2010

Hairless eyeball

Barkley looks pretty happy for a dog who's just had the clump of hair growing out of his eyeball surgically scraped off. And from surface appearances, it looks like the hair was growing off to one side of the eye and not in front of the pupil so it's likely Barkley has vision in that eye.

He was doing a lot of blinking when I took him into the daylight so I kept him in the shade. Hopefully, he'll adjust to the added brightness in a few days but if not, a pair of shaded dog goggles might be the answer.

Barkley's update here.

For adoption information on Barkley and other dogs (and cats and other animals), please visit Toronto Animal Services


Christopher said...

What a transformation! Thank you for doing something so kind for Barkley, he's a real charmer.

Barb said...

That is wonderful!
It might not be the increased brightness per se - his eye may still be a bit sore. Like having Lasik surgery, it takes a few days for the cornea to heal and the eye to feel right again.

But even if it is a bit sore, it's got to feel a LOT better than it did before!! Yikes, I canNOT imagine having a clump of hair growing out of my eyeball!! you couldn't even close your lids all the way when you tried to blink!

VerityConrad said...

Wow - a new pup! Good luck on the adoption. I'll never forget Barkley and his little eye ball!

Anonymous said...

Barkley, you are a champ!!!
I hope you find a great forever home soon.

Anonymous said...

awsome..........he's such a cutie pie


House of the Discarded said...

Yay for Barkley!!!

borderjack said...

so great to see him like this. Ditto to what Christopher said, above.

p.s. - is the surgery a permanent fix, so that the hair won't grow back?

Cathrine said...

When I was a kid, veterinarians were (male) professionals that people would pay to vaccinate their pets or set a broken bone. When I was 24, our (woman) vet did surgery on her back porch and had a recovery room in a trailer in her driveway. Six years ago, one of my cats had extensive laser eye surgery to save his sight.

What an amazing world! How fortunate for Barkley that he can get the surgery, and not lose his eye.

Fred said...

borderjack, yes, the hair removal is permanent. Barkley was born with hair follicles actually in his eyeball or at least attached to the surface. The opthamologist had to scrape off/cut out those follicles and now that they're gone, no more hair.

Anonymous said...

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