Sunday, March 7, 2010

Update on Bobby

From Bobby's new owners:

I want to let you know how well I'm doing with my forever family. I am very relaxed with no barking. I have even learned that I shouldn't chase the cats. Jennifer and Ruth walk me a lot so I have met lots of other dogs which I greet quietly but enthusiastically. I've even been on the TTC several times and loved it!

I saw my vet and he says I'm in great health but I did have a seizure early Thursday morning. I had some blood drawn to rule out anything serious. Jennifer tells me not to worry. Lots of dogs get this and never have it again.

I'm really excited because Jennifer has signed me up for dog walking and I get to do group walks 3 times a week. I'll learn even more from my new walking buddies. Also, Jennifer, Ruth and I have met lots of other dog owners and set up some play dates.

I hope you like the picture I sent. It was taken the day I came home. Say hi to Benny for me.




Ian said...

Bobby is a very cute,adorable,smart dog.Is this the first update written by an adoptee?I like it.Have a happy,healthy life Bobby & thanks for letting us know how you`re doing.

Laura HP said...

I didn't realize Bobby had been adopted - that's great! What a happy update. Good for him!

Anonymous said...

WTG Bobby! So glad that he found a new home.

Fred said...

And Benny found a new home too, finally, so I won't be able to say hi to him from Bobby but I'm sure Bobby will understand.

Laura HP said...

Benny got adopted? Fantastic! He'd been there for ages (or maybe it just seemed like that because most dogs go so fast!).