Sunday, March 21, 2010

PETA makes more meat

(h/t KC Dog Blog)

Imagine if Toronto Animal Services or the OSPCA or even the Toronto Humane Society reported a 97% kill rate for the animals admitted into their facility. Out of, say, 2366 animals, what if they euthanized 2,301 and only found homes for 8. Would you call that a success or a failure? Would you call that agency with the appalling save rate a humane agency or a slaughterhouse?

Would you call it PETA?

For the umpteenth year in a row, PETA has killed off the vast majority of the animals relinquished into its care. The official numbers are reported here. PETA, an organization with a core value of not eating dead animals, sure is good at making meat.

Their excuse is that no one wanted the animals they took in so they had to kill them. You'd think that with a revenue of $34 million in 2009, PETA could have paid someone to post some ads up on Petfinder to help find homes for some of the animals or they even could have just created homes for a few of those dogs and cats instead of blowing their time and cash on frat boy antics like dressing up as KKK members.

PETA is like some UFO suicide cult. They're all too caught up in their bullshit neo-religion, getting wet just fantasizing about their god/leader, Ingrid Newkirk. It's too easy to point out their obvious pathological behaviours and beliefs but that's not going to change the fanatics' minds about how animal death equals animal salvation and all that other crap their gurus feed them. Or maybe injecting healthy pets with death has become for them some kind of sacrifice ritual to their animal rights deity. How did they ever get so twisted?

PETA's new mantra should be "We love animals so much, we just want to kill them all."

For more on how PETA helps animals, check this out.


Siani said...

I've been enjoying your blog for a while now, but somehow, haven't got around to commenting. PETA seems to be far more concerned with its public image, and recruiting celebrities to its cause, than actually truly helping animals. Their kill rate is truly shocking - worse than the local pound. A small percentage of animals rescued by any organization will need to be euthanised on humane grounds, due to neglect, injury, sickness, etc. But to routinely kill healthy animals is just obscene. Shame on PETA. I do occasional voluntary work at an RSPCA shelter here in the UK, when health allows, and animals are only put to sleep there when keeping them alive would be cruel. I've always been wary of PETA, now the organization disgusts me.

Anonymous said...

I've received e-mails from PETA that include some graphic images like the ones in this article. One I remember vividly is a dog whose face was half eaten away by cancer ( I can never forget the look of pain and sheer terror in his eyes) and various other abused & neglected dogs & cats. This is another of PETA"s techniques...emotional blackmail. "Just look at the condition of the animals we get...of course, we must euthanize them"...and I admit, they're good at it... they almost had me...I almost sent them a donation. Of course, then you dry the tears from your eyes and come back to reality, and you think "But this isn't the condition of most of the animals they receive"....they only show about 5 or 6 pictures and of course, those are the worst of the worst. I would love for them to publish the pictures of every dog & cat that comes into their shelter. Somehow, I just don't believe them when they say that many animals need to be killed...I would like to see the proof. Of course they wouldn't do that, would they ?...if people knew the truth ( that most of the animals are healthy and adoptable) they wouldn't get any donations at all.
I wonder about the celebrities who support this joke of an they know about this heinous practice or do they just not care? You would think they would do some research into an organization before they align themselves with it instead of just listening to Newkirk and her minions babble on about how they care about the animals (yechh).
Ingrid Newkirk is a nutbar and a dangerous one at that. Her hypocritical stance has always driven me crazy. If she were tossed out and a complete reorganization took place, then maybe PETA could become the premier animal rights organization it should be...but I'm not holding my breath.

Sharon said...

I used to be an avid PETA donator. But then I started following BAD RAP's blog, and learned of PETA's comments about killing pitbulls, and I havent sent them a penny since. Not only tha, but I cancelled all further mail form them (they like to fill my mailbox with flyers and pictures of poor animals that "need my help".) What about the dogs that needed their help? the animals that most probably thought could count on these guys. What a smoke screen they're able to throw up. Glad you pointed these out...

Laura HP said...

Wow, I would not want to be listed in...well, any of those columns, but I definitely wouldn't want to be listed under 'Others'.
In 2009, they euthanized all 51 others. I'm really sure not a single one of those could have been adopted.

PETA does horrible things, but I think one of the worst things they've done is that they've made animal rights into a joke. It's so easy to call 'PETA' every time a legitimate animal-related issue comes up. Who knows how much damage they've done to animals that way as well? They're utterly destructive.

Biscuit said...

I actually wrote to them a couple of years ago because I saw Charlize Theron, whom PETA proudly parades as their hot young vegan celebrity spokesperson, doing ads for Christian Dior, a company that regularly uses fur in their fashions and animal-derived ingredients in their cosmetics.

I asked whether they had considered this when they hired her on as their mouthpiece, and they wrote back something to the effect of 'um, well, yeah, we're actually hoping that she eventually sees the error of her ways' or something similar. I should dig the email out.

But clearly they're not so ethical that a little thing like that will stop them from using an attractive celebrity for their cause.

Biscuit said...

Aha - here's their email back to me:

"Thank you for contacting us regarding Charlize appearing in an ad for Dior. Dior is, unfortunately, not on PETA’s list of cruelty-free companies.

Charlize has been involved in several PETA campaigns to expose puppy mills and target the fur trade, but animals rights is still a fairly new concept to her and she is not yet a vegan. Making the transition to a vegan lifestyle is a gradual process and we’re happy to work with celebrities on even the most introductory levels in the hopes that they'll eventually become vegans and boycott all companies that harm or kill animals.

Often, a celebrity gets involved with one issue and then learns more about other issues over time. For example, Alicia Silverstone wasn’t a vegetarian when we first began working with her. Now, she’s a strict vegan and talks about her vegan diet and animal rights in just about every single interview."

See? They're not hypocrites! They're just hoping she learns the error of her ways!

peta is crazy said...

Accurate PETA slogans:
PETA: The premier animal rights group... for about five minutes in 1981
PETA: The lights are on but nobody's home
PETA: Just another vulgar four-letter word
PETA: Just another word for stupid
PETA: Where veganism is the new snake oil