Sunday, March 7, 2010

Brampton Animal Services lets owner visit Brittany

Someone up the chain of command at Brampton Animal Services has done the right thing and is allowing the owners of Rambo and Brittany to visit their dogs.

From The Brampton Guardian, Brittany gets a visit:

The City of Brampton has relented and allowed two Brampton families to visit their impounded pups.

Ines Branco and her mother spent a heart-lifting hour with two-year-old Brittany late Friday afternoon at the Brampton Animal Shelter.

Brittany has apparently become quite attached to one of the shelter workers.

Brittany was very familiar with the room they were taken to for their reunion, where the shelter worker has a desk, according to Ines Branco. She was told Brittany sits by the woman’s side while she does computer work during the day.

But the situation overall, is still just sad.

The Brancos were told they could take Brittany for a walk, but they didn’t want Brittany to think she was going home, so they chose to spend time with her inside.

The city never gave any reasons for why the families of the dogs weren't allowed to visit in the first place and no reasons have been given for why they are now allowed to visit. Maybe the city will keep changing their minds on things until they eventually release the dogs back home.

Conclusion (?) here.


A Table For One said...

Well, I guess that's a step in the right direction!

Ian said...

The more I learn about this crazy Ontario Law and see what`s happening, the more I wonder when someone is going to get hurt,either someone attempting to seize a pet,or someone protecting a pet.Hopefully this law will end before something like that happens.

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Evil Shannanigans said...

I just read about this...absolutely, incredibly insane. All I have to say is that if anyone tried to take my dog based on unfounded specifications related to an ambiguous law, over my dead body
BSL needs to be repealed asap

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