Friday, March 5, 2010

Friday review, Mar. 5

A bunch of black Labs/mixes were brought up from high kill shelters in the States last week. I'm always amazed at the quality of dogs that come up from the States. Their personalities are always so pleasant. I guess that speaks to the number of dogs that are killed down there and how we get the cream of the crop through rescue.

Oops, my mistake. I thought these guys were from the States (that's usually where a lot of TAS South black Labs come from) but turns out they're from Quebec.

Brand spanking new and some with no names yet.


Toronto Animal Services South also got in dogs from Quebec last week (the facility is pretty buzzing right now). Check out the Corgi mix with the dangerous ears.

Not yet named



Barkley, the hairy eyeballed Maltese Terrier got groomed so I took a new photo. I hear he's had his eye operation done so I'll need to take an even newer photo with his now hairless eye - hopefully get around to it this weekend. He'll be put into adoption once the eye is completely healed and will probably be snatched up pretty quick since he's such a cutie pie. That's a good thing because the shelter environment is degrading his personality with other dogs.

More on Barkley here.

For adoption information on these and other dogs (and cats and other animals), please visit Toronto Animal Services


Melanie said...

Beautiful images Fred.

Dog Foster Mom said...

Great photos. And even though the black lab mixes weren't from the States, you're right - we have a huge number of them euthanized every day in my part of the country (midwestern US). It's nice to hear you are able to help with dogs from other areas.

Ian said...

All great looking dogs."Not yet named" needs a name.Perhaps he could be called Loblaws until his new family takes him home.

Fred said...

Ian, what made you think of Loblaws? Are you having a bag of Prez Choice Choco Chip Cookies?

Nancy said...

omigosh buck is AMAZING!

Ian said...

When I saw No Name under the Labs I immediately thought of Loblaws and then I thought it was most fitting for the little guy at least until he`s adopted.The top 3 also need temp names.It`s so sad to me when dogs don`t have names.It`s too bad they can`t tell people what they`d like to be called.

Fred said...

Ian, I think most dogs would like to be called "Would you like some steak?" but aside from that, I know what you mean. Sometimes I end up putting up a dog's photo on the blog before anyone's had a chance to give it a name. Usually, but not always, the dogs will have names after they get to the adoption room.