Friday, April 2, 2010

One more dog

Looks like there's still one dog left at the Toronto Humane Society waiting for a home. She was in surgery and is just now recovering. I met Mary Sue several weeks ago and she is indeed a darling.

Hello, my name is Mary Sue (A137171). I am an 8 year old, spayed female, large terrier X. I came to the shelter in November 2009 when my owners were not able to keep me. I know I look a little funny, but I promise I have a lot of life and love left in me! Since arriving at the shelter, I have had surgery on my back legs. While I recover, I require someone to support me with a sling while I walk. I am looking for a foster-to-adopt home. This means that while I am still recovering (approximately 1 month), the shelter will cover my costs, but once I am feeling better, my new home will adopt me permanently! Ideally, I am looking for a home with no other dogs and no young children. I also can’t have stairs. My new home will have to be dedicated to following my extensive post-surgery discharge instructions, but it’s totally worth it to get to bring home a cutie like me (if I do say so myself!). I will be on one medication, likely for life, as well as a dietary supplement and good quality senior dog food. If you think you can help me out, please e-mail back ASAP. I need to go home before April 12th when the shelter will be closing for 6 weeks. I can’t wait to meet you!

If anyone’s interested, please let me know ASAP.

Also, if anyone wants to adopt (or knows someone who wants to adopt) a cat or a rat, please come down to the shelter this week to bring home you’re new furry friend!

Thanks so much for your help and support during this difficult time!

Ruthann Drummond
Toronto Humane Society

Ruthann can be reached via email.


Anonymous said...

It would be great if THS would extend adoption hours from now until the 12th. 12 -6 during the week dissuades people from going down to spend an hour or so adopting. It's time now, more than at any other time, for more of those Midnight Madness adoptathons.

Anonymous said...

Nice to see Mary Sue in the adoptable Dogs section, but she needs to be on THS website front page. She's more important right now than all the stuff about the new start. And where are the remaining cats? I count 64. Is that all that are left? I don't think so.

pibble said...

Mary Sue is what scruffy dog dreams are made of. I hope someone scoops her up, and soon.