Saturday, August 2, 2008


"Honey, that couch is getting delivered today. You going to be around for that?"

"What time?"

"4 hour window. 2 to 6."

"Hate that. Yeah, should be. I gotta get some more picture hangers but that'll be like 10 minutes."

"Where you going for that?"

"That place, that uh place, you know, Joe's? Jim's? Jack's? Paint and Wallpaper store. At the corner there."

"Do you think they'll have cushions? We need something to accent the couch."

"I knew you were going to say that. See, I told you that couch was too white. We should've gotten the red one."

"It doesn't matter what the colour is, we'd still need something. Maybe a throw."

"Uh, no, people don't do throws anymore. What's that, like 1990?"

"Yeah, whatever. Just if you find anything ... This room's too empty still. It needs more ... stuff."

"I'm not going to find anything at a place called Joe's Paint and Wallpaper store."

"Okay, well, whatever, I gotta go. Come on Solo. Come on Mya."

"You taking the dogs?

"Yeah, I have to drop them off."

"Vets? Something wrong with them?"

"No, I'm dropping them off at the pound. Their nails are scratching the floor."

"Oh, okay, just remember, back before 7. We got that thing."

"I'm so looking forward to that."

"Huh, yeah, no kidding."

Brother and sister labs turned in when owners moved into a new condo and didn't want their floors getting scuffed by their dogs. Adoption info at Toronto Animal Services.

Addendum: Adopted. It's usually very difficult to find homes for bonded pairs so it was wonderfully fortunate that these two were adopted on the same day their profile was put up on the TAS website. Thanks much to the person who took these great dogs home.


FrogDogz said...

Hard to believe - and yet far from the stupidest excuse I've heard. We had someone turn in their brindle (black) Frenchie because they bought white carpeting, and, well - we can't have black hairs on white carpets, can we?

Anonymous said...

My husband has a response to stories like this: "License people, not animals." I'm with him on that!

I'm very glad they fond a home so fast: I hope the TAS has a secret registry of people who should never be allowed to adopt for their former owneers...

Fred said...

No comment on the secret registry;)