Sunday, August 3, 2008

Next year, I wanna be the mascot

Usually when I go visit the dogs at TAS on the weekends, it's pretty quiet but not today because it's Caribana weekend, one of the biggest party festivals in Toronto, and the crowds were out along with the noise that 1,000,000 revellers tend to make. Some of the dogs were okay with the noise, others not so much.

A yet unnamed dog, simply called Husky for the time being, didn't seem to mind the noise at all. In fact he was on a mission to check it out. We walked towards the crowds milling around the main parade and Husky was flashing his peepers at everyone and making friends all along the way.

"Oh, look at his beautiful eyes."

"Ohmygawd, his eyes are gorgeous."

"Mommy, look at that dog. It looks like it has ghost eyes."

"Wow, his eyes. Is he friendly?"

Of course, the only thing I was thinking was please please please don't take a dump here. Luckily, he was too busy conversing with his boyz to be thinking about that.

I think it was Husky's intention to actually join in with the parade but I explained to him that we had missed the application deadline so maybe next year. He was disappointed but agreed to let me take his picture anyway.


These two weren't as taken by the crowds and so I did their photos quickly and brought them back inside.



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