Friday, March 6, 2009

Presto Change-O



Yeah, I know. Not that he doesn't still look like something highly squishable, I think he looked cuter before but the mattes were horrendous and so it's comfort and health over beauty for this little one. Anyway, hair grows back and if his hopefully soon to be found new owners prefer the something which will sweep their floors, they'll have their wish by the time summer rolls around.


Anonymous said...

Definitely cuter in the first pic but it`ll grow back as you say and some grooming will help keep future mats at bay.
He does look happier in the 2nd one though.

Anonymous said...

Used to volunteer with cats, in another city. One tabby, turned in as a vicious feral, had fur so matted that it formed on continuous lump from head to tail tip and ankles. When we shaved her it came off in a single glob of fur, twigs and oil.

And, wonder of wonder, she turned into the sweetest girl. The matting had been so painful that all she could react to was the pain. With that gone, she became a happy, affectionate cat, adopted within the week.

Sure, they look lovely with the long hair, but they must be groomed! A comb and brush set should be standard equipment with the food dishes and toys.

And, just my HO, I think this guy is cuter when you can see his eyes....

Fred said...

Yes, the big brown eyes do make up for the loss of hair.