Monday, March 2, 2009

's wonderful

They came in fast and furious last week and while I haven't had a chance to meet every last one of them, these guys and gals I did meet and they are wonderful each and every one. All have good people skills and are pretty dog friendly and as far as I could tell, seem housebroken (but you'll have to check on that). This is going to be the best graduating class yet.





Hank (the Tank)

Unnamed Lhasa Apso

Unnamed Boxer



Anonymous said...

Don't know about the dogs, but each and every photo is a winner, for sure. great pictures, Fred: I'm jealous....

Miz Minka said...

Why anybody would have given up or abandoned these beauties in the first place is beyond me. They all look perfectly lovable.

Lynda said...

Great looking dogs and without a doubt all will be adopted quickly!