Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Update on Miller

From Miller's new parents:

Just wanted to send you a quick update on Miller. He is the most perfect, wonderful boy ever! He spent the drive home curled up on my lap in the back seat the entire way, and was very happy to play more with Mya once we got home. He certainly doesn't like the snow or ice much - which we still have quite a lot of here! He spent the entire night cuddled up against Joe and wouldn't move, even when I got up to let Mya out in the night. And no accidents in the house at all! Miller is very obedient and so eager to please - and a total lap dog - couches, chairs, floor, wherever one of us sits, he climbs on a lap. He's the perfect addition to our family, and we are so very happy with him. Though it was a little tough working this morning, as he wanted to sit with me on the rolling office chair!

Thank you so much for making our trip to the Humane Society great - we both enjoyed meeting and talking to you very much, and felt good about the entire process.
Take care.

They got the Humane Society bit wrong, way wrong, but I suppose they can be forgiven for that, this time.


Anonymous said...

Ah Miller time
He`s looking pretty content.
Didn`t take him long to settle in.
Thank you for the update.

Fred said...

His new owners seemed really nice. It's no wonder he's looking so comfy so soon.

House of the Discarded said...

Miller's little ears look like velvet :)

Anonymous said...

hahahah they didn't know they were at Animal Services??? I guess we lucked out this time and gained another customer...yay. Miller is a really nice dog and no he didn't like the snow or ice when I walked him either


Anonymous said...

This dog looks a lot like one we had.She was part Pit Bull. She dissapeared and we miss her still.