Tuesday, September 2, 2008

It's finally over

I strolled through the Ex this year, first time in over a decade. There were the same mediocre barf rides stained with regurgitated purple and green liquids from the last batch of slushie gulping kids. There were the same cheesy games where you pay $2 to try to win stuffed toy prizes (made in China for a dollar) to be deposited into a landfill a month after bringing them home. There were the same fast food stalls, most of which were just more expensive, less hygienic versions of what you can get elsewhere in the city. There was the vast flea market where you could get discount lingerie beside discount fake grass. There was the Superdogs show always filled to capacity so we couldn't get in. There were the traffic jams and blocked roads in the neighbourhood. There were the ear piercing engine screams from low flying jets in the 3 day air show (The first fly by is cool. The next few dozen, not so much).

I have no right to complain, though. The Ex was here in the neighbourhood way before I was, though I don't think it's been appreciated by many neighbourhood residents for a long while now except those few that still try to rent out their front yards for $15/day parking.

But now the Ex is finally over and I can take Stella and Rocky for their usual morning walks through the CNE grounds again as long as we avoid the tons of garbage strewn all over the park. It'll take weeks to completely clean it up, expecially the nasty chicken bones and the broken glass.

And Toronto Animal Services is open for adoptions again. They start out the season with a dog returned by its owner. The owner did no training, never brought him to a vet, and now he's several months older than when he was first adopted out as a pup. The usual story. He's a handsome boy but a handful. His name's Charlie. Check him out if you'd like. He'll probably be here a while. If the link doesn't work, it'll hopefully mean he's found a home(Yay!).

I'll be out of town for a couple of weeks. Rumour has it that by the time I get back, there'll be a roomful of great dogs up for adoption.

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spotted dog farm said...

wow, i love your descriptions, and what a wonderful blog. looking forward to seeing more doggies on your return.