Saturday, September 27, 2008

Old woman

from Jelena Kostic in Serbia

This video is for me so sad. This old woman is not completely normal, but she is ok, not evil or a thief or something. She brought two dogs to us two months ago, saying she rents a house and the landlord will not stand her dogs anymore, and she takes them off the streets. Then she wanted to bring more here and I said we don't have place or houses for them, and she said she will find another solution then.

This morning as one lady was walking to the shelter, she heard dogs bark some 300 m from our shelter and went through the bushes to that piece of land with a ruined house, and saw 9 dogs chained with no houses. She told me about it and we went together and I knew that it was the old woman who brought them there.

Later I went again to feed them and the old woman was there. She brought plastic to put on branches to protect them from rain. Like it can.

She really loves them. She walked so far carrying them two at a time because she got kicked out of her place. I have no idea where she sleeps, maybe in that ruined house, but she says she has a place to sleep somewhere.

Unfortunately I can't send a video. It takes so long. I will send pictures.


We took all her dogs to the shelter, because it was raining a lot and I couldn’t stand the thought of them being in the rain. 7 bigger puppies, 5 small and 2 grown up females. The old woman comes to see them.

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