Saturday, September 27, 2008

More arrivals

Recently, three dogs, Angela, Erin and Meda arrived at Toronto Pearson International from Serbia.


photo by Cathrine Lowther

Erin was attacked by another dog back in Serbia and got two of his legs broken. His owner didn't want him anymore after that so he was taken in by Jelena and eventually his hind leg had to be removed:

photo by Debra Edwards

Meda, a purebred Giant Schnauzer, was also dumped by his owner and nearly starved himself to death waiting for the guy's return:

photo by Cathrine Lowther

They were all going to be adopted out separately but along the way, Erin and Angela kind of fell in love, and luckily someone has decided to take the two of them home together:

photo by Debra Edwards

Meda is not so lucky. After his arrival, it was discovered that he's got some serious medical issues. He's being looked after now by his foster mom, and with his medical bills covered, he'll hopefully be up and healthy again soon.


Julie said...

Meda is gorgeous! Where are you located? Don't know if our rescue might have some contacts for you or not.

Fred said...

Hi Julie, thanks for dropping by. Meda is being fostered by someone in Toronto, Canada. They're still waiting for some additional tests to come back before they'll know the full extent of his problems.

Janet said...

Any word on Meda's condition yet?
He's a beautiful looking dog, I hope everything works out well for him.

Fred said...

On Meda's health from the person who is fostering him:

Basically lack of care. Low hemaglobin, bad teeth, under-nourished, ear infection. All have been taken care off and getting better, stronger and more beautiful every day. The only serious problem of Meda's is his separation anxiety. I have never seen it so bad in a dog. Please if you know if anyone interested in him, let me know. This dog is amazing. I would keep him myself if I didn't already have 4.