Friday, May 22, 2009

Toronto Animal Services Friday Review, May 22


Mei Ling is quite small for a Chow Chow and she's also very people friendly and doesn't mind other dogs, which is atypical Chow behaviour. A real sweetheart, she'll find a home in no time.

Mei Ling

Lady and Jeb are both wonderful Labradors and I'd almost guess they were brother and sister but I think Jeb's much older. Another pair of dogs that will be gone as soon as they hit the adoption room.





Chico's great with people but not so much with other dogs. Luckily, he's just a shrimp so handling and training him won't be such as big a deal.



Social Mange said...

I have to stop wanting every dog you list! *LOL*

LynnO said...

I've been searching for the email address of a friend. She lost her female black cow (named Ling Ling!) more than a year ago...
But I can't find it, and what are the chances that a dog in Toronto, Canada will still be available by the time a gal in Fairbanks, Alaska asks to adopt it?!
I guess this is the happy frustrating part...but your photos are AWESOME and I really must work to get good shots of some of the dogs around here as I think it really helps to get them adopted. Thanks for mentoring!

Fred said...

LynnO, I'm sure Mei Ling would appreciate the weather in Alaska. She's already too hot here in Toronto and it's not even summer yet.