Friday, May 1, 2009

Toronto Animal Services Friday Review, May 1

Lots of dogs this week getting ready for their adoption debut this weekend. Right now only the first two below are available and I'd be surprised if they last the weekend.

Tessa is a Miniature Schnauzer who is shy at first but warms up quick.

Lola is a little fatty and will need lots of exercise and a strict diet if she wants to shed some pounds for the beach this summer.

Don't let his haircut fool you. Zeus is a big Bouvier who had to get his uber matted hair shaved off. He needs a confident owner but once he knows you're boss, he's great on his leash and does a reliable sit and down.

Bobo is a high energy puller and needs training but he's got a warm personality to match his warm 'n fuzzy looks.

This Shih Tzu, Tina, has got a screwed up front leg but that doesn't stop her from moving around and having a good time.

Conrad is a Field Spaniel though I think he just looks like a Lab mix but what do I know. He's friendly like a Lab anyway. He's got a bit of a scrape on the top of his head but it'll hopefully be healed by the time he gets into adoption.

Crystal is a Chihuahua/Pomeranian(?) mix. She's quick to be your friend and more than happy to jump up and keep your lap warm whenever you sit down.


Lynn said...

Hi Fred -

This comment isn't about this particular post, but about animal justice, in general (I didn't know how to just send you an email). I remember you had a post not long ago about justice (or lack of) for those who hurt animals. I thought you might want to post this or write something about this situation. Beautiful dog. Sad, sad story. It would be great to get some attention from the world...and not just from California.


Fred said...

Lynn, thanks for the link. I remember reading about Karley a few weeks ago. At the time, I don't think the dog killer had been scheduled to go to court yet or something but it looks like now he is. Maybe the truth will finally come out.

What will be interesting, though, is whether or not the cruelty charges will stick. The problem up here in Canada is that the vast majority of people who commit acts of animal cruelty get minimal penalties because animals are treated too much like inanimate property. Bashing an unwanted dog's head in with a hammer is like bashing in a junked microwave oven.

I sincerely hope the laws in California have more teeth.

Jenn said...

You should maybe suggest TAS use your photos on Petfinder! I noticed Tessa on there, but the photo they have is just awful and pre grooming. I'm sure you're right though, regardless of the photos, both Tessa and Lola will go quickly.

Fred said...

Hi Jenn, TAS South does usually use my photos but sometimes they'll put in a preliminary photo until they can get mine uploaded. That might take a few days.

Miz Minka said...

I'd adopt Crystal if I could. The photo made me laugh out loud! I used to have a Chihuahua-Dachshund mix. Doxie body, Chi face, and big pointy bat ears. Really a nice, gentle (and quiet) dog. I'd love to get another Chi-mix some day.

Joanne said...

A friend saw all of these dogs at a Petsmart adoption on the weekend and all but one had found homes.