Friday, May 29, 2009

Toronto Animal Services Friday Review, May 29 - a few more

Just got these three guys done this afternoon. The day had started out cloudy and kind of chilly and suddenly the sun came out and the dogs were panting away. Sometimes I can't figure out how they get all that tongue back inside their mouths.



These two furry guys came in earlier in the week, both bigger boys with great personalities.

Clancy's a friendly, eager fellow and he's sure to make lots of friends when people walk over to check out his brilliant brindled coat.


For a husky, Olga has got excellent leash manners. Very polite and definitely a softie.


For adoption information on these and other dogs (and cats and other animals) at Toronto Animal Services, please go here.


onequarterdal said...

Great pics as per usual.

illona said...

please, sir, may i have Yogi? :)