Sunday, May 17, 2009

Update on Gary

From Gary's owner:

I am enclosing a picture of Gary which we adopted on October 17, 2008 from the South Shelter - Toronto Animal Services. He is a shihtzu and has brought us a lot of joy. His birthday is January 12th ... so he is now 1 year and 4 months. We love him very much. He shares his home with Charlie (mixed shihtzu who is 10 years old). They get along well... sometimes they have "words" but nothing serious! Gary is quite the character and has helped Charlie in many ways i.e. not to behave the way he has for the last 10 years!!

Anyway, hoping you can add Gary's picture to your website - a very positive adoption in which I would do again again and again.

Housemate Charlie

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Anonymous said...

I remember Gary, he is cute. He looks like my dog's best friend, Helo! So glad he found a super, loving home. Look at him basking in the sun!!