Sunday, November 15, 2009

More Shih Tzu surprise

From Carol at Happy Tails Rescue:

Thanks for showing off our darling Dolly and her babies on your blog today. To clarify, I authorized Dolly's removal from the shelter, went with her to the fateful vet visit where they informed us that we had to get a whelping pen together quickly, and midwifed the birthing process, but Dolly is fostered in Scarborough with a wonderful woman called Sue.

Dolly has really settled wonderfully well and is discovering her "inner Puppy". Although she only had 6 days before mothering duties distracted her, She has built a strong trusting relationship with her foster mom and to a lesser extent with me since I only go to visit her. She trusted us enough that she got nervous if either of us moved from her side while she was having her puppies. She obviously thought she should have two handmaidens at her beck and call!!!

She frolics in the backyard with Sue's two Chihuahuas like the puppy she is. She is a sweet loving dog who will be an amazing pet for someone soon. Even now, once the puppies are full and asleep Dolly runs outside to kiss her two Chihuahua girl friends and run circles in the yard with them . She is getting the freedom and love that she missed previously. We enjoy her immensely.

One of the other females in the group of 13, the one with the speckles, was adopted by someone that we referred to James. They had submitted a great application to our group. They have been giving me updates on their Shih Tzu as well and she is settling in very well and they adore her. Once the puppies are old enough to have their first boosters and weaned enough to travel short distances we may go and visit their auntie with Dolly and the kids. Family reunion.

I am sending more photos of the puppies. We take them daily and are making CDs for the future adopters, starting with a video of their birth. Gross eh? We intend to make sure these babies never have a hungry or sad day in their lives!!!!

Wonderful work Carol and Sue!

And here are some pix of Dolly when she's a bit more energized:

We have an interesting development. Emma, a Shih Tzu female that James at TAS sent to us, has decided to co-parent with Dolly!!! Dolly seems to be totally OK with it. Emma cleans the puppies and Dolly feeds them.

More here.


Smartypants said...

This is such a great story. I cannot even handle the cuteness of these puppies! Aaaah!

Anonymous said...

absolutely precious


Lynda said...

Jeez, the cuteness factor is overwhelming! Dolly is adorable too!

boomerkid said...

What a lovely story...Dolly is just so cute & so fortunate to be with you!!!

Thank you!!