Saturday, November 14, 2009

Shih Tzu surprise!

It's always a surprise when you take home one dog and end up with four. That's what happened to Carol, from Happy Tails Rescue, who took home Dolly, one of the thirteen Shih Tzus rescued from a Parkdale apartment recently. The intention was to foster Dolly and get her socialized to people, because she seemed so painfully shy, before adopting her out but those plans changed slightly when Carol brought Dolly to the vet for a routine health check and discovered the little girl was going to be a mom.

Out popped three wee ones two days before Remembrance Day so they were named Poppy, Flander and Sapper (not sure what Sapper references). I'm so glad they were born into the care of most excellent foster mum Carol rather than into the clutches of their previous owner.

Here's Carol's letter:

Yay, she did it.
Poppy (F) was born at 1:30 pm today
Sapper (M) was born at 1:58 pm today
Flander (F) was born at 3:26 pm today.
Mom is doing wonderfully and she did a great job. These pix were taken within the hour after Flander was born. Poor Dolly looks so tired.

More on Dolly here.


House of the Discarded said...

They're darling and look like little cows :)


Tigerspirit said...

A Sapper was a soldier who dug and maintained trenches in World War 1. Originally, the term was coined for soldiers who dug trenches toward an enemy position, fired at by the enemy and defended by their own people, in an attempt to 'sap' the foundations of the enemy position. As you can imagine, it was never a job for the faint at heart, and sappers had the reputation of being fearless. You'd have to be either fearless or foolhardy or both to work constantly under the crossfire.

It helped to be short.

Ian said...

I just happen to know this because of a family member.

A "Sapper" refers to a Combat Engineer.

Very nice names for all 3.
Glad they were born in a safe place.

Anonymous said...

That's a whole lot of cuteness right there. They are so lucky to be in such great hands. Thank you Carol


Laura HP said...

Aww so cute! Yay for Carol! I love the Remembrance Day names - 'Sapper' is a rank for an engineer in the army, like Lieutenant.

janice said...

Hey, Fred.

A sapper is an army engineer. You could read the book 'The English Patient', a good Canadian book, its got lots of sappers (no dogs though). I thought all guys watched the movie 'Bridge on the River Kwai' and it's also full of sappers.

Great pics. I hope Mom is adjusting to all the turmoil, but thank goodness she had the puppies after she was turned over to the rescue.

Fred said...

Thanks for the sapper info. Nice to learn a little history here.