Sunday, October 25, 2009

I'm missing one

First a reminder of what they looked like when they first came in:

And now, a shave and a haircut later:













(Umm, I seem to have missed the 13th one.)

Looks like they're about ready for world domination.

Geese have a gaggle, fish have a school. There should be a word for a group of Shih Tzus as well, like maybe a cuddle of Shih Tzus or a cloud of Shih Tzus.

Much thanks to Cassandra at Canine Clips for donating two days of her own time to grooming the dogs. What a fantastic job she did!

Continued here.


Anonymous said...

OMG! What a difference it makes! They really are diabetically sweet looking little mites. Hope the frightened ones are calming down...

House of the Discarded said...

I think they KNOW they look better! Their faces look brighter and happier. They certainly must feel better. What a bunch of little darlin's. :)


borderjack said...

Personally, I like "cuddle of shih-tzus". How gorgeous. What a lucky bunch!

Lynda said...

A "cuddle" of shih tzus!! LOL!! Perfect!

Jan said...

What great makeovers. I love the little panda eyes.

Bev said...

I groom at a shelter (its a fundraiser for the shelter) and when we do dogs who come in like this, you can tell by the their body language, as soon as you get the pelt off their shoulders, they know it is gonna be good!

Kudos for the wonderful job & the pics, too!

claudie said...

I I adore them all, especially the older ones. Seniors are my fav to adopt.
I will be volunteering this weekend in Ottawa. I'm with the Cat Rescue Network. Great organization run by one great lady Louise.
Your work is great Fred. So much love going on there.
I also rescue dogs. My post today is all about the way they sleep.
Take Care and keep up the great work for our little friends.
Love Claudie